Safe to eat salad and fruit in CR?

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Oh my goodness! Today has been a busy day on the old "Salad and Fruit in CR" post!

Let's just leave it at what it should be: posters report their personal experiences and readers glean whatever information they consider useful. There is never a need to resort to unkind adjectives to describe one another. Let's all hop back on the high road and enjoy sharing information with each other!
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I can't even fathom what an outcry toads in the fridge would bring. I bet the cdc wouldn't even know how to handle that...toadpoopilitus?

One bad apple doesn't spoil the tree.
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TOOO Right Shillmac ! Perhaps something was in MY water today ! Happy travels and info . gathering to all , and apologies for misbehaviour ! Faith .
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Tully , LOL !!
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fathie :
I love your spunk !!!!

You made some excellent points.

Whew !!! what a topic.

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Let's start a fight over the other big controversy in CR:

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Oh ! Just needed to clarify a point , when I said I suspected a " troll " , it was not for the sake of name calling , but an actual thought that it was a troll poster ..... ( someone who posts JUST to instigate conflict etc. ) Faith
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LOL faithie. . .I did think you were getting a little harsh, calling the poor guy a troll! I had this image of a little troll sitting at the computer disturbing us Fodor folks!
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Lol , That would be funny though ! It was actually really bothering me that you might think that, guilty conscience I guess ! I actually just found out what a "troll" was about 1 month ago here on the Europe board .... There are a lot there , it can become a very nasty place , but these people do come on and get in a thread to cause tons of trouble . I WAS definitely guilty of (and am ) keeping the thread going , but for straightforward reasons ( and a little stubborn Scottish blood !! ) Glad we cleared that up Shillmac , I feel better now ! Alls well that ends well ... Faith
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And you've taught me something new regarding trolls. I can remember that being a problem on Fodor's once a few months ago, but can't recall the details. And at other times I've seen "troublemaking" on Fodor's out of apparent spite or jealousy. Gee, and I was feel guilty for spending so much time on here. At least I try to use my Fodor's time productively!

Where in Canada do you live? Anywhere near Percy? Or did you tell me near Vancouver. . . .
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Hi shillmac, saw your reply to me from here over there, did that make sense? LOL You pop in & keep everyone calm I read the Europe board every day so I can agree about the trolls there, luckily except for one I see here once in a while we've been spared. faithie I'm half Scot so I know what you mean!
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If anyone is a troll it seems to me it is faithie. Why attack a person for getting sick while traveling? RBCal answered the original poster's question unlike some of the posters. I appreciate the information and know now to be careful of drinking the water in CR. THANKS RBCAL!
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Your very first post here & you attack faithie as being a troll?!?! LOL too funny.
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Don't drink the water.

Drink Costa Rican beers and, when available, Budweiser.
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LOL! We're all a little nuts, I think!
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It seems that RBCal has been to CR one time and unfortunately had a bit of a stomach problem.

And that this party took either Cipro or Lomotil and were fine the next day. Cipro is an atibiodic and our prescription is to be taken for 3 days.

Also, Immodium was recommended by our family physician.

I can't help but wonder, what did all 4 people do to become ill at the same time?

And I wonder where this person was traveling. It seems this incident must have occured in Quepos?

I must admit - I got quite a kick out of reading these posts this morning. We that love CR, can become quite passionate and protective. Obviously not everyone will be as fond of CR.

I really hate that you got sick.

But you know, my best friend was on a ski trip in Colorado last winter, unfortunately her family got sick and spent a day in the clinic hooked to an IV. They still returned this winter.
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Just two cents from a physician--

If you think that you've got traveler's diarrhea, be careful about treating yourself with antibiotics (usually cipro) and immodium. Some forms of infectious diarrhea can cause fever and bloody stool. If you've got one or both of these symptoms, you should stay away from immodium. Why? Because the immodium slows down your GI tract and keeps those bad buggies around longer.
Also remember that using antibiotics for run-of-the-mill traveler's diarrhea will probably only shave off 1-2 days from the course. But, that's 1-2 days when you can enjoy your vacation without being sick!

I think the CDC website is excellent. It reinforces these points.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for posting that you had gotten ill. Not terribly unusual that a group got sick as you were experiencing things as a group and ate at the same places and traveled together to the same places.

It never hurts to be reminded that things can happen and that some caution while traveling anywhere doesn't hurt.

Thank you for the references although I can't find anything yet on the 5yr old review by Glassman to compare your newer one with. From what I gather, they sound very similar. I was very surprised to read that the marmosets have migrated all the way up to Manuel Antonio though.

The other one did give food for thought.
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Sorry Travlrrr .... I cant take claim to being a troll ... And if u really read my responses u will see I was compassionate with the fact that he and his party became ill and stated so more than once and also stated I was glad he let us know , I took a stand with regards to the blame being laid on Fodorite posters ... simply that ! Truly enough said , so back to travel .....
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Wow, what a thread! As soon as I read RBCal's first comment, I KNEW--uh oh, he 's in for it--he dared to say something negative! RBCal states that he went to CR with friends-- all got sick. He follows with informative URLS and quotes, and gets jumped on, accused of all sorts of things, called names, etc. Reminds me of Fodors threads in the past about crime in CR, whether or not all Ticos are wonderful, pura vida, etc, and some of the condescending responses to those honest questions or comments.
I'm looking forward to going to this place that arouses such passion...while hoping I never lose the open-mindedness to learn from and respect others' knowledge and experiences.
Why call someone a "troll" for describing personal experiences, observations, and providing additional sources of information?
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