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Christine Tausig Ford Nov 3rd, 1999 10:25 AM

Riu Tequila, Royal Gala or Aventura Palace?
We are looking at booking a holiday to the Playa Del Carmen area in late January, early February, and are looking for advice on where to stay. So far, we've narrowed it down to Royal Gala (which is the most expensive, it seems), Aventura Palace (which doesn't look like it has much of a beach) or Riu Tequila. Also looking at the new Riu Palace, but not sure if it will be open. Does anyone have any advice for us -- mid-40s Canadian couple who are looking for a quiet vacation spot, good food and relaxation. <BR> <BR>Thanks!

merriem Nov 3rd, 1999 12:09 PM

Have you checked out the Royal Hideaway! It was great.....very relaxing, and the food and drink the best! No buffets.

Sandi Nov 3rd, 1999 06:50 PM

I was in Puerto Aventuras last week and am a travel agent, so I went to the Aventura Palace, beautiful, but an awful beach, not much at all...that is important to us and that is why we did not stay there, but it is a beautiful hotel. The Riu Tequilla is nice, but not on the beach, you shuttle to the Palace or Yucatan, but the hotel is nice. I would choose the Gala, everyone loves it!!Met a couple from Canada at the resort we stayed at, they had been to Palace Resorts and lots of AI's, and said the Gala was the one they liked the most...

Brian Nov 8th, 1999 07:21 AM

We were just there in the middle of Oct.and stayed at the Gala and loved it. It had a great beach, very wide open, not crowded or right up to the water like some resorts. The kids program was fantastic if that is a factor. The food was very good, Buffet style, the resort also has two al-a-carte restaurants that are also very good. We found it to be very relaxing and will stay there again when we go back.

patty Nov 24th, 1999 07:27 PM

Hi, We have stayed at the Royal Gala, <BR>it is a very nice and clean place to <BR>stay. Nice beach, great food and very <BR>nice friendly people. $ 6.00 US for <BR>taxi to town. We are planning another <BR>trip in January but we are staying at <BR>Barcelo Maya Resort. Patty <BR>

debbie Nov 25th, 1999 10:09 AM

We stayed at the RIU Yucatan for two weeks last February and loved it. A woman in my office (and her hubby) just got back from one week at the <BR>RIU Palace. It just opened and they bumped the 145 Canadians coming in that week from the Yucatan to the Palace. Embarrassed to say that the Canadians (except my friend in the office) complained about being bumped up to the much, much more luxurious Palace even though it included having your drinks served to you on the beach (versus the Yucatan where you have to go to the bar to get them)! <BR>Anyhow, she just showed me her photos of the Palace and it is simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Try the Palace - with it's luxurious appts, the bar service on the beach being on top of the wonderful, wonderful usual standard of service by the RIU hotels, you will be very happy with your choice. <BR>

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