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vacationlover12 Dec 2nd, 2004 09:35 AM

Rancho Banderas in Puerto Vallarta
I have an opportunity to exchange my timeshare into the Rancho Banderas in Puerto Vallarta this May. Looking for information to see if it would be a good relazing trip with my family (including a 3 yr old). We do like enjoy nice restaurants but I can't find any info on what's nearby (ie town, restaurants).

nycityslicker Dec 2nd, 2004 06:40 PM

my husband and i spent part of our honeymoon at rancho banderas. the thing is, it is a little bit out from the town of puerto vallarta and while it is pretty easy to get in to town through the shuttle rancho banderas provides or the local buses, it is something to consider.

puerto vallarta has a lot of great restaurants but if you want to stay close to the timeshare, the only restaurant at rancho banderas is mediocre at best.

the place itself is fine. in fact, i think it is great for families with young children. the units were spacious and the staff is friendly. definitely a little bit on the cheesy side especially since they tried to sell us the timeshare from the get go. the beach is a bit rough but we loved that since it was lots of fun to boogie board.

the place is pretty compact. there is a fun three or four tiered pool with little waterslides and stuff, and it has a fun, semi-party atmosphere with bingo over the loud speakers in the afternoon and the mexica fiesta nights and karaoke night. i think your kids will love it.

for a great restaurant experience i recommend maybe getting a babysitter one night to get out to the four seasons. it was amazing and the food was fantastic. definitely expensive though.

we also had a great dinner at a restaurant in the town between where rancho banderas is and downtown puerto vallarta. it is a cute surfing/artsy town and the restaurant that was owned by an american, was really great. i just wish i could remember the name.

write again if i can answer any more specific questions.

vacationlover12 Dec 3rd, 2004 08:49 AM

Thank you! What's the best way to go to town? Is Bucerias the closest town? We want to make sure it's safe to travel around for dinner. I definitely want to see the four seasons - can you cab it there? We thought we'd take the shuttle to PV once or twice during our week, and the other nights go to closer towns. We like to walk after we eat so we're looking for someplace safe and kid friendly. I think we'll stay by the beach mostly during the day. ARe there any restaurant s in walking distance from the hotel for lunch or dinner? How was the entertainment at the hotel?

AndrewGW Dec 3rd, 2004 12:16 PM

The stretch beach the Rancho Banderas is on is one of the nicest in the bay - they did lose a lot of sand in parts along the north shore of the bay due to the hurricane but in most parts it has come back...
Bucerias is the nearest "town" and I highly recommend Mark's Bar and Grill - one of our favorite places to eat when we lived in PV.

Check out and you will be able to find out a lot about the area.
To see where Rancho Banderas is in relation to PV town, Four Seasons etc...
Click on the Map link and then the Costa Vallarta Beaches link - RB is near where it says Costa Banderas and Destiladeras.
Four Seasons is out on Punta Mita...

The site also lists all the activities, restaurants etc in the area.

And it's perfectly safe to walk around downtown PV or the Marina area with kids in the evening - everyone does it - locals and tourists alike.

Can't help you with stuff to do right by the resort as it was a deserted beach we used to go to when we lived there...


nycityslicker Dec 4th, 2004 07:34 AM

the easiest way to get to town is the shuttle bus from the hotel. it is pretty inexpensive, but they only go a few times a day so reserve spots ahead of time. or you can take a taxi which i don't think was that expensive either. the local buses were lots of fun to take but maybe too tough with the kids. there is a bus stop right in front of the resort and it is very very cheap.

not much within walking distance of the hotel. but, bucerias is a quick taxi, bus or shuttle ride away. and that is where that restaurant is that i mentioned. it's called mark's and his wife has a nice, little boutique next door. and we walked around bucerias afterwards. definitely felt very safe everywhere we went in the area. and bucerias has lots of other restaurants, some right on the ocean so i think you will like it there.

the four seasons at punta mita was an easy cab ride away. call to make reservations ahead of time because i don't think they let you on the grounds without one.

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