Questions - Please Advise


Mar 29th, 2002, 08:07 PM
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Questions - Please Advise

Our Info:
Honeymoon-first time to Mexico/Cancun.
Hotel: Cancun Palace, 8 days, April 21-29
Profile: We are 34 & 39, active - planning mostly a relacxing trip, a couple dive trips, maybe a trip ti Isle M.
From: Tampa, Florida

Concerns & Questions:
1) Tours - We are capable. We do not like mass cattle crowds lines etc. However, we would be interested in the best of a couple of ruins or day trips. Do not care about shopping, do not care about mode of transportation, "roughing-it" a little. Suggestions?
2) Water - I see mix chatter about water. I want to take good precaution, but, don't want to be totally freaked out about the water quality. Do not mind the bottled drinking, soda, and bottled brushing. However, iced coctails at all inclusive throughout the day are VERY important. Any advice. What about restuarant ice in town? What are my options for cold cold alcoholic beverages in town?
3) Time Share - Am I going to be harassed by time share people? I have no problem saying NO a few times, but, should I expect a relentless hassel.
4) Nice Evening - Are ther any classy places for dinner or entertainment to start off a great evening - either in town or out on beach? Any ideas would be great.
5) Diving & Snorkeling. We have a trip or two planned for Cozumel for a couple of novice reef dives. But, what are our options for some light GOOD snokeling in Cancun. Are ther any?
6) Extra Romantic Evening - Any ideas? Any Greatest Hits?
7) Kelly loves a good workout, I go along knowing it is all good - stair stepper, treadmill. What are the Cancun Palace facilities like? If not, are ther any other local places that have a good gym as such?

8) Any pros and cons about Cancun Palace?

If you ahve any ideas or input on any one of the questions - I would really appreciate it.

God Bless and Happy Traveling!

Note: As a consumer of this site, I would be happy to share my experiences after our honeymoon, etc. That is what is great about these type of sites. Objective give and take by real people!

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