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Graydon Mar 28th, 1999 09:39 PM

PV - Vellas Vallarta: Any good?
I'm taking my girlfriend to PV in April. Want to know if Vellas Vallarta in the new PV is any good. Can you advise?

Sheila Mar 29th, 1999 10:50 AM

Hi Graydon. My husband and I spent a week at the Velas two years ago, and had a fabulous time. Very reasonable cab ride to restaurants closer to town, but quiet and laid back in the Marina area. We had 1-bedroom suite that was simply beautiful, and the pool area was stunning, waterfall and all. We liked the morning breakfast buffet, very reasonable, but tended to go into town to explore all the wonderful different restaurants there for dinner. All in all, a quiet, very well-run hotel in our experience, and one of the loveliest lobbies you'll ever see! Have a romantic time.

JR Mar 29th, 1999 11:57 AM

Hi, I live here and have heard good reports of Vellas Vallarta. Please do come into town and see a bit of real Mexico, it's the best part of being here. <BR>Hasta, <BR>JR <BR>

Mary van den Heuvel Mar 29th, 1999 04:35 PM

Hello, my name is Mary. I live in Puerto Vallarta and I have a tour-company here. <BR>We have quite a lot of people staying at the Velas Vallarta, and the people are always very happy at the hotel. The location is good, close to airport, to the golf-course, to the marina and only about 10 minutes driving distance from downtown Puerto Vallarta. The hotel itself is beautiful and rooms are spacious. Just beware of the time-share people. There are a lot of time share sales people in the hotel, and from the moment you arrive they will be offering you information, maps and they will try to sign you up for one of your presentations, offering a free breakfast or something similar. If you know this beforehand and you tell them that you are not interested from the beginning, you won't have any problem. <BR>You will have a great time in Puerto Vallarta. I would recommend you to do the Caletas by Night cruise as well, it is great. Have a look at the web-site of my tour-company where you will find information on tours and activities with pictures : <BR> <BR>And do send me an e-mail to [email protected] <BR>if you would like to receive any other recommendations for restaurants or anything else, I will be happy to help you. <BR> <BR>Best Regards, <BR>Mary <BR>

mary van den heuvel Mar 29th, 1999 04:53 PM

<BR>Hello , <BR> <BR>I live in Puerto Vallarta and I have a tour-compány here so I know the <BR>hotels pretty well. <BR> <BR>La Jolla de Mismaloya is indeed a beautiful hotel and I am sure you will <BR>have a great vacation there. Your kids will love the swimming-pools and <BR>the beach. The rooms are very spacious, they are really suites. You <BR>should book a two bedroom suite ( there are also one bedroom suites ), <BR>but with the kids it is great to have two bedrooms, and there are also <BR>two bath-rooms, this way you will have more privacy. <BR> <BR>Other recommendations : <BR>Try to go to the C'est Magique show at the Qualton Resort. The kids will <BR>love it , it is a glamour show, full of magic and mysterious things, <BR>magicians etc. The price is $ 300 pesos per person, including <BR>buffet-meal open bar domestic drinks and show. ( for the baby there is <BR>no charge, and children up to 12 are half price ) It is every Thursday, <BR>starting at 7.00 p.m. You do have to reserve in advance ( we can reserve <BR>for you if you wish ). <BR> <BR>It would also be great to go swimming with the dolphins, although it is <BR>a bit expensive. A dolphin encounter program costs $ 60 US per person ( <BR>children full-price ) , the real swimming with the dolphins costs $ 130 <BR>US per person, but is an incredible experience. You will probably like <BR>to have a look at our web-site where you will see more pictures: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Anyway, let me know if you have any questions at all.

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