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Rohit Singla Jul 22nd, 1999 02:05 PM

PV or Ixtapa in August. Advice Needed
My wife are planning an anniversary trip from Aug 12-16 and have narrowed our choices down to Zijuatanejo and PV. (Cancun and Cozumel seem too far, Cabos has hurricanes(?), Acapulco seems too developed. Any other suggestions would be welcome). <BR> <BR>Any advice on which is better choice for that time of year? PV sounds nicer but I fear the weather? <BR> <BR>Also any suggestions for nice hotels (we are considering the Krystal in PV) or excursions would be most welcome. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>Rohit Singla <BR>[email protected] <BR>

Kim Bekkers Jul 24th, 1999 03:11 PM

Hello Rohit, <BR>I have not much knowledge on Ixtapa,but according to some people I spoke to if you have not seen one of them yet, it is nicer to come to PV. I live here and really enjoy it, but that aside. <BR>The weather in both places is more or less the same right now. It is the rainy season and it will rain like everyday in the late afternoon for one or two hours. During the day it is sunny and you can do plenty of excursions here in PV. It is a more mixed landscape here. We have mountains, jungle, rivers and nice beaches.Ixtapa has more mountains and is not as green. Besides Ixtapa is like Cancun, but than smaller, set up only for tourists. One very important thing as well is that PV is better accesible than Ixtapa by plane. <BR>The Krystal is a good resort and is built like a little village. <BR>I know lots of things you can do here in Vallarta, so if you would like some more information, just mail me at my e-mail. <BR>kind regards, Kim

Malury Jul 28th, 1999 07:59 PM

<BR>Ixtapa.... actually Zihuatanejo would be my vote. In actual fact P.V. has way more people than Zihua and is much more developed. Ixtapa is a mini Cancun,(about 10 major american type hotels} however Zihua still is a walking friendly beautiful little fishing town. There are 2 quite classy hotels in Zihua, Casa Que Canta and the Villa del Sol. <BR>At this time of year the jungle is lush and green. <BR>Nonstop flights to Zihua operate from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Houston. <BR>It is off the beaten path, but some people like that..

Alisa Jul 29th, 1999 11:32 AM

I've been to both and both are great places to goto. However, I would rather goto PV. Ixtapa's beaches have huge waves that are impossible to go swimming in. Ixtapa also seems to have less there. Just hotels. Zihua. is nice, but PV's downtown is much nicer, especially with the boardwalk area. Hope this helps.

Debra Jul 29th, 1999 01:29 PM

I totally agree with Malury--I went to Ixtapa on my honeymoon in August, 96 and we would go back in a heartbeat. We stayed at the Westin--which is secluded from the other hotels on its own little bay/beach. The hotel is beautiful--it looks like it is built right into the mountain. It was guite lush when we were there--be prepared for the heat. Zihua is very cool and La Casa Que Canta is one of the best hotels in the world. Very small, great cuisine and the pool is amazing. Villa del Sol is also great. You should really look into Ixtapa/Zihua. Everything is affordable. The two hotels listed above in Zihua are fairly expensive--but, once you get there you spend very little money on great food. I actually though Zihau's airport was very convenient to reach by plane from Atlanta. We connected in Houston and flew right into Zihua. E-mail me with specific questions.

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