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gchizz1 Dec 2nd, 2008 06:40 PM

Pure Trek Canyoning In Arenal?
Has anyone done water repelling in
Arenal? Would you know what level of fitness you need? I'm a little nervous but it sounds like fun. If we have extra time I would like to consider it if it is not really strenuous.

Thanks again for your help.....

11 more days and were are leaving...

mumof3qts Dec 9th, 2008 01:35 PM

Ok, I don't think you've left yet. My husband did canyoning with Desafio Adventures and it was FABULOUS. He heard that their falls are higher and I think you do one more rapel... But, I talked to people who did Pure Trek and they loved it also. Book directly, you might save some money. Have fun!

gchizz1 Dec 9th, 2008 02:14 PM

Thanks for your reply!

Would you know how strenous the activity is? What level of fitness you need?

Leaving on Friday...
We have 1 extra afternoon to fill in an activity I'm not sure if it will be too hard for all of us to do.....

Is it much harder than Ziplining?

rickandpat Dec 10th, 2008 04:32 AM

I'm not the strongest person (47-year-old female, 100 pounds), but I've done the Pure Trek canyoning twice. Loved it. The guides always have a line on you to help you, and there is always a guide above and below. The wading between waterfalls is not that long, and there is a short but steepish hike out of the canyon at the end. I've seen all ages (well, 9-year-olds up to 50's) and various sizes do this, and a lady who was terrified of heights and cried the whole way down the first fall. But by the second one she did fine.

We haven't done Desafio so can't comment on it. But Pure Trek is a first-class operation - great equipment, safety is always first and they use double/backup restraints, they lend you a waterproof shirt so you won't get chilled (I wear fast-drying shorts and a caprilene/quick drying top with watershoes; my husband the same kind of shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes), and the guides are well-trained, kind and professional.

When we went canyoning last year in Croatia - wow, what a totally different experience. Guides who could care less in helping us and didn't know how to put on the equipment, very difficult and so scary one of our group who had recently quit smoking took it up again! Pure Trek is aiming for Americans who have never rapelled before, and who want to come out feeling good about themselves.

gchizz1 Dec 10th, 2008 02:22 PM

Sounds scary but exciting!!!!
Thanks for all your descriptions.. we are leaving in 2 days, and have 1 afternoon that we are free. Thnaks for all the info!!!

I will send what you wrote along.. to the other two people in the group.

Thanks for taking the time to explain everything!

We are in our 50's so I will see what they think about it!

mumof3qts Dec 11th, 2008 07:42 AM

Regarding physical condition for canyoning, it's a lot of scrambling over rocks etc. I don't think you need to be REALLY fit but agile... if that makes sense. Zip lining is definitely easier and less scary. I JUSt realized. Pure trek uses 2 ropes on all drops. That might help you choose which company you choose.

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