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gtc Sep 6th, 2002 05:08 AM

Punta Arenas/Torres del Paine
Any suggestions on places to stay in Punta Arenas (1 night), Puerto Natales, and in Torres del Paine in November. Explora is out (no availability plus too $$$). We are planning on renting a car in Punta Arenas and driving to Torres del Paine. Any comments on rental agencies, and type of car needed (do we need a four wheel drive, etc.)would be appreciated. We do not plan on hiking, just exploring and enjoying the scenery. Suggestions for food/restaurants welcome too.

tutu Oct 22nd, 2002 04:19 PM

gtc, we took a local bus from Punta Arenas to Pueto Natales. Stayed at a nice b&b in PA (can't remember the name) and Hotel Australis in PN which was a 4 star right on the water. Fortunate to meet half a dozen fellow travellers, some of whom spoke Spanish. We found a local travel company called Milly(s) who went out of their way (it was off season) to take us to Torres del Paine and boat trip to the glaciers. If you plan to drive yourself to Torres del Paine, a four wheel drive makes more sense given the road conditions. Also, take warm clothes - dress in layers as variable weather conditions in that part of the world. Sorry I can't be more specific but it's awesome scenery down there so enjoy.

jhm Oct 23rd, 2002 06:40 AM

Hosteria las Torres is supposed to be good, plus there is another one by Lago Grey (this is in Torres del Paine) which is a good location. I think it can't hurt to have four wheel drive -- the roads in the park are firmly-tamped-down dirt. There are the usual suspect rental agencies at the Punta Arenas airport - Avis, National, etc.

Martinex Feb 19th, 2003 04:43 PM

I am planning a similiar trip to the Park in mid-March. I was not planning on renting a 4x4(too $$$). However, one travel agent said that I might have problems with a 2wd. Just wondering if based on your experience you have a recommendation?

Roccco Mar 1st, 2003 09:27 PM

Hosteria Las Torres is an absolute dive. Expect to pay $200 per night for a room about the size of a walk-in closet with paper-thin walls.<BR><BR>Then, expect to be rewarded with mediocre food at no less than $120 per day for a couple sharing and that is just for lunch, dinner and soft drinks/bottled water. <BR><BR>If you choose to purchase any excursions through Hosteria Las Torres, add another $120 - $150 per day per couple. Don't bother specifying an English-speaking guide, as I did, for they will just provide you with a Spanish speaking guide anyway.<BR><BR>Personally, I would not return to Torres Del Paine, but then again, I am not a real outdoorsy type. However, my advice to anybody going to Torres Del Paine would be to stay at Hosteria Pehoe, a perfectly located lodge that is within 1000' away from Explora, a ridiculously priced hotel (about $750 per night).<BR><BR>Hosteria Pehoe is about $150 per night ($50 per night less than Hosteria Las Torres) and the rooms have just been completely refurbished and are larger than those at Hosteria Las Torres.<BR><BR>You may want to spend a few nights in Puerto Natales, as well. It was a very beautiful little town and because it is still a town, you have many restaurant and hotel choices, meaning that you will not be price-gouged the same way you will be in Torres Del Paine.<BR><BR>If you have an opportunity to spend a night in Punta Arenas, then the Jose Nogueira Hotel is a beautiful and historic hotel. After the long ride back to Punta Arenas from Torres Del Paine, you would be well served to spend a night in Punta Arenas before making the long journey back to Santiago and home, wherever that may be.<BR>I stayed in a suite and it was only about $130 for the night and the room was huge and had a full sized jacuzzi in the bathroom.<BR><BR>Good luck.

Martinex Mar 26th, 2003 05:01 PM

&gt;&gt; Hosteria Las Torres is an absolute dive. Expect to pay $200 per night for a room about the size of a walk-in closet&lt;&lt;<BR><BR>I guess that in any hotel there are good rooms and bad ones, but I just stayed at the Las Torres and the rooms were fine. Large room, large bed, everything new - and they are building a new extension which may be open in a few months. <BR><BR>The Las Torres is on it's own road - a 7km drive from the main road and it may be the worse road in the park. I did not need a 4wd - just a compact car - but it is rough - a heavy rains can close it.<BR><BR>All the good hosterias in the Park cost about $200 per night. I'm not a fan of buffet dinners, but the one at Las Torres was excellent. $30 per person.<BR><BR>The Pehoe has a superb location, some of the new rooms have views and they are very nice. The restaurant is much less formal, with a very limited menue and much lower prices.<BR><BR>The Lago Grey is also a great location. I could see icebergs floating from my room. The restaurant has a great view and you have a choice of the day's menu or a selection of good sandwiches. <BR><BR>Spend one night in each and you will see the entire park, but plan to spend more time as the weather is fickle and rain come at any time. Also very high winds are not unusual.

LW Aug 2nd, 2003 01:41 PM

We are looking at staying at Hosteria Pehoe. How do we make reservations? I can't find a website or anything. Is there a bus service that transports you to the Pehoe from Puerto Natales or El Calafate? Also, does the hotel provide transport to the trailheads?

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