Puerto Vallarta Honeymoon

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Puerto Vallarta Honeymoon

Heading to PV for Honeymoon April 2001. Could anyone recommend The best restaurants and sight seeing stuff for us? Thank you!
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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Puerto Vallarta's a great place to come to for a honeymoon! There are so many things to do and see - a good excursion to go on, romantic and great for couples would be Rhythms of the Night. Restaurants are many! Try El Palomar de los Gonzalez, Panorama, El Set for a view; La Palapa, Daquiri Dicks for a romantic evening of dinner on the beach; Red Cabbage Cafe for some real traditional Mexican food tucked away on the river, Flaming Sombrero for a fun evening and great view also! Several day trips that you can do on your own on the bus and many, many excursions! Have Fun!
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Can anyone else help me?
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Try puertovllarta.com, puerto-vallarta.com, vallarta-info.com, vallartatoday.com.

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My wife and I went there on our first date 20 years ago and it is still one of the best and most romantic places to visit together...

We like to stay at the Krystal hotel because the have 54 swimming pools and if you ask you can get a casita room where you share a private swimming pool with only two other rooms.. very romantic.. yet not expensive.. about $150 a day... less depending on season..

The best restaurants and discos are right there... Christines is the most lavish happening disco is right on the property as well as Bogarts... our favorite romantic restaurant... you sit in fan chairs miles from the nearest neighbor diner and a tuxedoed pianist plays on a baby grand... the women's feet are placed on a little pillow and there are so many romantic touches you MUST go there once... it is about $75 for two with drinks...

We too like the restaurant Panorama but you will find of you stay over at the Krystal that there are lots of stuff right there and one of the best beaches is also right there.. the property is about 3 or 4 miles north of town and it takes a 10 minute $4 dollar taxi to get downtown... haggle the taxi drivers.. they do come down.. they will probably ask for $6 or 7 bucks.. but we usually pay $4...

La palapa is also on a great beach.. the beach of the dead "Play de las Muertos" and it is nice to go and sit on the beach there and eat at one of the restaurants on the sand.. with the fanciest and nicest being La Palapa at the entrance to the long strand of beach..

BUT BEWARE... the water there in town as well as the river water that runs through town are not clean... the mexicans do not practice good sanitation and you should not swim in the river or near its mouth... meaning swim as the beach of the dead at your own risk.. I notice none of the local swim there.. actually they all head about 10 miles south to Playa de la Mismaloya... it is a huge wide beach about a $15 taxi ride south... also a wonderful thing to do is go to Chico's paradise... it is a long long ride and is in the middle of the jungle in the middle of nowhere.. you spend the day on a 50 acre property with private little coves, pools and waterfalls.... it is never very crowded after the daily tour buses leave and they have good food and drinks... even more romantic and remote is the 1 1/2 hour boat ride to Yelapa... you can only get there by boat..there are about 15 restaurants and you bargain with the young kids that swim out to meet the boat as to where you eat and spend the day... make sure they include a trip up to the falls for free and do not fall for any of their huskster ways.. they kids will tell you a sob story to get some pocket money... they live better than 90 per cent of the people in Mexico... it is a very interesting trip and the food is fresh and good (caught right out of the ocean that day) you can actually stay there but there is no electric or running water and is best just to visit for the day.. but I have heard of adventurous couples spending a few days there...

You must spend at least a week there and you will not spend much money.. even if you party and shop alot... we have never spent more than $700 down there on a trip before and that was shopping alot and eating well.. but normally expect to spend about $50 to 100 a day on meals, taxis, drinks and some shopping... very very cheap for a wonderful vacation.. we have been there about 12-14 times and it is still one of the best vacation bargains around... good luck in life and your marraige

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Went to PV for our honeymoon 7 years ago and went back 4 years ago. I suggest El Set at least for drinks and the view. Their food was excellent also. Our favorite "find" was a restaurant named Balam. They had excellent and plentiful seafood at reasonable prices. On our second trip, we rented a jeep and drove north (seems most people go south of town). We found the small, local establishments to be wonderful. The owner of the place we stopped at arranged for us to be taken in his friends boat to see the whales. The "tour" was just us, the boat owner and his young son. It was great.

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