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allison04 Mar 21st, 2009 11:38 AM

Panama in June?
I'm thinking of going for 4-6 days in mid-June--how rainy is it then? DH and I love Costa Rica and have been there during the rainy season. (We found the Pacific beaches fine in the rainy season, but Monteverde in the rainy season was too rainy for us.)

Any advice on areas to see or avoid in Panama in June? Is there one place you'd pick to go? (since we don't have that much time, I'm thinking one destination might be best.) We'd like to be near a beach but also have some rainforest hiking/other activities nearby.

plumboy Apr 16th, 2009 06:02 PM


HoDale May 2nd, 2009 10:59 PM

Extrememly steamy in June

qwovadis May 3rd, 2009 03:56 AM best in June...

fitzpatrick512 May 3rd, 2009 08:43 PM

it's going to be a bit rainy, but it's also mid summer, so rain can be a nice break from the equatorial sun!

typically, during my trips to Panama, CR and Nica during June/July, you get some rain every day, but also some sunshine. If you're just going for a few days it's kind of a roll of the dice, you could get all sun or all rain. Odds say some rain though.

fitzpatrick512 May 3rd, 2009 08:45 PM

I should add that all my trips have been to the pacific sides of all of these countries during this time (June/July is prime surfing season)

plumboy May 4th, 2009 10:12 AM

Thanks! Still planning this trip in my head -- and I seriously doubt it's going to happen this summer, but it's nice to know.

allison04 May 5th, 2009 08:30 AM

thanks, all. I've decided to go to Panama City and Isla Contadora, and I'm excited about seeing both!

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