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jess Jan 2nd, 2003 08:39 AM

Palace Resorts
Does anyone have any info on the Palace resorts in Mexico? Is there a particular one that is better for honeymooners? Thanks for any advice!!!!

Joolee Jan 2nd, 2003 09:29 AM

A close friend and her fiance went to Cancun about a month ago and stayed at the Moon Palace, using their "all-inclusive" (meals, beverages including alcohol, and entertainment) package option. She said they had a GREAT time and HIGHLY recommended this particular resort--supposedly the nicest/most romantic of all the Palace resorts. Just do a search on and type in "Moon Palace Resort" to get you to the correct resort link.

melissa Jan 2nd, 2003 02:33 PM

I've stayed at the Moon Palace & Aventura Palace. The Moon is huge & about a half hour cab ride to Cancun. Aventura is newer & is about a half hour cab ride into Playa del Carmen. Adults only are at Aventura. Both hotels have hot tubs in the rooms. For a honeymoon I'd choose Aventura - the pool is awesome, the food is really good & you would have a great time. A lot of honeymooners were there when we were.

thereuare Jan 2nd, 2003 03:20 PM

FWIW, we just returned from our honeymoon 2 months ago, took a cruise first, then split the rest of the time between two resorts... one of them being the Moon Palace. We thought it was &quot;ok&quot;, but it's just so large and impersonal that we'd possibly do it again for a cheap get-away but we didn't love the place (although many others do). The biggest problem is we didn't like the food at all... it's just hard to make quality meals when you're cooking for so many at once (although the cruise ships seem to do a good job of it). If you decide to go to any of the palace resorts, we found the best prices thru I was somewhat skeptical at first because there pricing was so good, but all went smoothly and Pat answered my MANY questions.<BR><BR>About 10 miles south of Moon Palace is Ceiba del Mar ( and we LOVED this place. It's not all inclusive, but there is a meal plan available which includes all food (alcohol is add'l), but i believe there is a also a plan available that includes alcohol as well. It's more money than the Moon Palace, but was absolutely fabulous. Maybe you'd consider splitting up your trip between the two places like we did?

moi Jan 5th, 2003 10:18 PM

If beach is important to you - neither of the Moon or Aventura have good beach. The Moon's beach is almost unswimable , the Aventura has no real beach ! Cancun Palace has a pretty nice beach ( water can be rough though ), food and rooms are good but not as pretty of a resort as the Moon , never visit the Sun Palace ,so I can't comment on that one .

nnn Jan 8th, 2003 09:13 AM

I have heard nothing but good things from the palace resorts. Good Luck.

cheryl Jan 13th, 2003 02:30 PM

Stayed at the Moon Palace last year. Absolutely awsome. The pool is great the swim-up bars a blast, the food is great if you like all y can eat grilled shrimp &amp; salmon, t-bone steaks. So many restuarants to choose from and they are not all buffet. Barracudas was on the beach and very romantic. The rooms have huge jacuzzis in them and the shower is big enough for 5 people. Ive been on cruises but this was much better. Going back in March.

1WayOut Jan 15th, 2003 06:33 AM

I went to Moon Palace couple years ago. Here are my observations.<BR><BR>1 - Beach sucks. <BR>2 - Food good. Lot's of it. Variety. Good value.<BR>3 - Swimming pool was fantastic. My kids loved it.<BR>4 - Bed/Room: Bed was hard as a rock. Room was nice but had to asked to be moved so I could see the water.<BR><BR>Bottom line. Nice, but I think I would try a different place the next time I go to Cancun.

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