osa penunsila house for rent

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osa penunsila house for rent

I thought,that Boscue del Cabo is the place where I want to stay,but I found this place http://www.trespalmascostarica.com/
Now I can not decide.It will be 7 of us so the price is not bad.
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Hmmm...I don't know. It certainly looks like a beautifully isolated place, but I've never heard of it. Hopefully, others can offer more help!
It doesn't appear there's a staff on hand, or am I missing something? i.e., You'd be doing your own cooking unless you pay extra for that and bartending...couldn't tell. Nice that it has a pool for sure. No mention of on-site guides or the beautiful, extensively cleared hiking trails that BDC offers though. Definitely a costs savings, just not sure how comparable it is to BDC. There are also some other houses near BDC mentioned on Fodors, Casa Bambu, for one. They get great reviews as well. Were you thinking of the 3 bedroom house at BDC (on the bluff with Pacific ocean views)and doing your own cooking? Just curious...The food there is sooooo delicious and it's a lot of fun being social in the eves at the family style dinners.

Sorry, I'm really no help at all!!!
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Like hvc said, it looks to me like you would be doing your own cooking - is that right? Bosque del Cabo is really amazing; they have beautiful, delicious fresh food that you can't believe, as well as trained naturalists on staff to go hiking with - I would highly recommend it. I haven't heard of the place you mentioned; I'd go over to tripadvisor.com and check out what kind of reviews it gets. That's usually a good tie-breaker for me if I'm interested in multiple places.
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Thank you for your reply.I think we would cook some and some days we would use lady for $30 a day. Is there any restaurant we could go to? For us is not that much socializing because only me and my husband speak English.Other relatives speak czech language only.
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Oh, I see there would be somewhat of a language barrier...Although BDC would still offer a very nice atmosphere and the trail system, maybe this would be just right for you. TP appears to be more up on the Golf side than on the Peninsula. I think both Tres Palmas and BDC are pretty isolated relative to restaurants (i.e., none). Things you might want to confirm with Tres Palmas would be transportation availability (because depending on how long you're there, you will most likely need to make a couple trips to the store for food) and if the $30 for cooking is per meal or per day. I assume it's per meal, and may fluctuate on how many people you have...just an assumption though.
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I think we will drive down to Osa from San Jose and have our own car.
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I'll chime in as someone who recently rented one of the houses in the Osa mentioned above - Casa Linda (related to the Casa Bambu). I think we passed the entrance road to Tres Palmas - it's off the road that continues from where we were (in Matapalo) up to Bosque del Cabo. But you can't see the lodging from the road. If I'm remembering correctly I was curious about the entrance and asked our property manager, who drove us to Corcovado Park, what was back there and he said "a fancy house."

We loved staying at Casa Linda (google Casa Bambu and you'll get all the info on it). It's located down low about 30 yds from the gulf - off the same road - between Puerto Jimenez and the entrance to Tres Palmas. But it's way less fancy than Tres Palmas looks and hence cheaper. It has 4 bdrs and 2 full baths. Small rooms - 3 double (I think) beds total and 1 single in the "4th" bdr, which is the size of a walk-in closet. It's rustic and lovely. The U.S. owners provided really helpful info. They have 4 houses on a large piece of property there. They have Tico property managers (3)- only one English speaker, who live across a wide lawn from Casa Linda. We bought food at the grocery store in Puerto Jimenez when we arrived there by plane. We stayed at the house for 5 nights, but only ate out one night. We could walk to 3 restaurants from where we stayed -Buen Esperanza (a casual outdoor restaurant with good food - straight out of the 60s) (the one where we ate), Encanta La Vida (a small resort down the Matapalo road from us). We had lunch at Lapa Rios - another very upscale resort down there (a 15 min. walk from us). And I believe there may have been another as well. Also, I believe it's possible to call ahead to Bosque del Cabo and go up there to eat as a guest. And when I say "call up there" I mean by radio because there's no local phone service.

We didn't have a car, so would only go to restaurants we could walk to. If you'll have a car you could drive to some of those I mentioned - though whether or not you'd want to - bumpy road and no lighting. Not much traffic though. We cooked very simple meals - chicken on the grill, some sauteed veggies, etc. Even still, when I was telling my sis-in-law about the house just last weekend (whom I'd sent to Bosque del Cabo last summer) she said - "oh you mean you had to do your own cooking. .. ."

Yet - Casa Linda afforded the same service - our property mgr would have cooked for us for a small fee had we asked. . . and she was supposedly a very good cook.

Didn't see anything about Tres Palmas on tripadvisor.com - and I think that's because it's more a rental home than a resort.

I'm not recommending any one of these options over another, just giving you some more info on the area. As regards the trails/hiking - we found plenty to see walking up the main road that goes from PJ to Corcovado. We also enjoyed the road down by the gulf - the Matapalo Road. And I'll admit to sneaking up Bosque's Gulfo Dulce Trail (we figured as potential customers, they'd be fine with having us check it out) - but after an hour of up hill hiking and not being there YET, we gave it up. We had scarlet macaws and several types of monkeys in our yard at Casa Linda every day.

I, too, had said to myself that we'd stay at BDC on our next CR trip, but then I got interested in Casa Linda.
Clearly BDC is a wonderful place, so know you couldn't go wrong .. .. I posted a long trip report back in early May . if you want more detail do a search here for Casa Bambu. ..
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Have you done the research regarding driving to the Osa from San Jose? It's a very long drive. I would certainly reconsider that.

The nice thing about Bosque, even though your relatives don't speak English, you could still translate if you wanted to do some of the tours BdC offers. Also, it's nice to see other people even if you don't understand them. The atmosphere at Bosque is wonderful. I would reconsider if I were you.
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Well, Tres Palmas certainly looks beautiful, but I just adore Bosque del Cabo so much that it would be hard for me to send someone somewhere else.

We found BdC to be very international. We celebrated the 4th of July, a big American holiday, there and sat between two people from England, a Greek, and an Italian. If you try Tres Palmas, please let us know what you think. For me personally, I like the convenience of BdC and the warm staff that they have.
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Yes, that's the beauty of BdC - meeting so many cool people. My last trip there were 2 couples from South Africa there, in their 70's, and the 2 men must've been comedians in a former life. And boy were they active!

I have been looking at Encanta La Vida though, down by the beach access road (I think), looks like a nice place to get some beach time for 2 nights or so and then on to BdC.

The houses at BdC are simply stunning though, I would think 7 of you there would have a blast, plus you wouldn't have to cook all the time if you didn't want to.
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