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Tim Jul 30th, 1999 07:56 AM

New road construction ...Puerto Vallarta
We're heading back to PV (well, actually Bucerias) at the beginning of Nov....just wondering how that road construction north of the airport out towards Nuevo is coming along. Will our frequent jaunts into PV for shopping,etc. take forever? About how many pesos can we expect to reasonably pay for a taxi ride into PV ..also how many pesos is the bus ? <BR>If anyone can answer my questions I'd certainly appreciate it! Thanks ! <BR>~~~ Tim <BR>

Kim Bekkers Jul 30th, 1999 11:50 AM

Hi Tim, <BR>Well they are still working on the road, and it looks like it is never going to be finished, although there has been improvement these last couple of weeks. The trafficjams have bee a little less. Anyway by bus you pay $9 pesos (like $1 US) and by taxi around $120 pesos. That depends a little. You always have to ask the cabdriver when you get in, how much he charges. If you think it is too much, try another one. <BR>If you have any more questions, just ask and write to my own e-mail! <BR>Kind regards, Kim.

PT Jul 30th, 1999 02:01 PM

Dear Tim, glad to hear you are coming back! As stated above, the road construction is a mess, taking longer than expected...but the upside is that WHEN it is finished, it will be fantastic! Your cost for a bus or taxi from Bucerias is more than stated above, as, as you know, further than Nuevo Vallarta. A taxi is approximately 180 to 190 pesos from Bucerias to PVR. The bus from Bucerias is 14 pesos per person. Hope this helps! Gracias. <BR>

Tim Jul 30th, 1999 06:30 PM

Hi more thing I should have asked...what TIME do the buses FROM PV to Bucerias run until at night? And...when the buses STOP running is it difficult to get a cabdriver to take us BACK home to Bucerias??? Thanks again if you can answer. <BR>~~~Tim

Kim Bekkers Jul 31st, 1999 03:44 PM

Hi Tim, itīs Kim again. <BR>Busses run from Bucerias and back from up 6:00 am untill 10:00 pm and no it is no problem to get a taxi after that to bring you back home. In fact I think thay are glad, because it brings them more money. As was said in the other response that the taxi costed more than $ 120 pesos, I wondered if I was wrong or not, so went to ask some cabdrivers outside what they charge from downtown to Bucerias and there answer was again $120, so that is how much the cabfair is. About the bus, the other author was right, because I did not include the fair for having to change busses, because the bus from Bucerias cannot bring you into downtown. That is all. Let me hear from you again, if you have more questions. Kim <BR>

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