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Barbara Jan 14th, 2003 09:55 AM

Naturair passengers and luggage limit
Has anyone flown the smaller airlines Naturair within Costa Rica? How strict are they with the 25lb luggage limit and does it include carryon?

Sue Jan 14th, 2003 11:28 AM

This isn't going to help much but I have flown many times and still can't say. It does seem to be enforced based on how many people are on the plane and what type of plane. I have had to leave stuff behind on occassion and other times they have just let me through with a little extra.<BR>I would try to be as close as possible and have some items to get rid of in mind just in case such as the shampoo or books. You can buy shampoo in CR in the towns and at some of the lodges. It will be a little more expensive but not that much. Yes it does include carryon weight.<BR>

Rae Jan 15th, 2003 08:24 AM

I flew Natureair (last year when it was<BR>Travelair) and they weighed us with<BR>our carryons, then separately weighed<BR>the suitcases. <BR><BR>If it's over 25lbs, you have to pay extra for each lb (I forget how much). My suitcase was way over (70lb)! Depending on how much luggage/how many people are going on the plane, they may send luggage on a flight leaving before or after your flight. This happened to me twice out of four flights, but no problem...either suitcase was waiting at the airstrip or it came over on the very next flight.<BR><BR>Pretty much the same with Sansa, except their planes are usually larger, so less chance of your luggage going separately.<BR><BR>PS..will try to pack lighter for trip to CR in Feb!

Iza Jan 15th, 2003 09:41 AM

I flew Natureair when it was still Travelair (from SJ to Tamarindo and back and also from Quepos to Puerto Jimenez and then to SJ). They weighed us and the luggage at the airport in SJ only but nowhere else, which I found really silly because if the concern is the total weight of the plane, they should enforce it no matter where the plane is being loaded.<BR><BR>They did make us pay extra for a few lbs that we were over when flying from SJ to Tamarindo.<BR><BR>Rae, I can't imagine what you brought with you to take you to 70 lbs ;-)<BR>Even for two weeks in CR, I was able to pack into no more than 27-28 lbs.<BR><BR>One word of advice to all who will fly the small planes in Costa Rica - pack into a light weight duffel bag instead of a stiff suitcase with wheels - it makes it much easier for the crew to load the small planes and also saves a lot of weight.

Rae Jan 17th, 2003 07:12 AM

Iza,<BR><BR>I believe the problem was that my suitcase empty probably weighed 25 lbs.<BR>I bought a lighter weight one for this year. And what probably weighed it down was bottles of shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, etc. Like I said, 3rd time<BR>to CR this Feb. and both boyfriend and I are trying to pack lighter. Last year, when I got home, I put everything I actually wore in one pile, and everything I didn't wear in another pile. The pile that I didn't wear was twice as big as the one I did wear...Live and Learn!

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