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Claude Rochefort Jan 6th, 2002 01:38 PM

Los Cabo Or Puerto Vallarta
MY wife and I are planning our first trip to Mexico.We like nice beaches and good restuarants.What's our best bet? Any safety concerns in Cabo?Your opinions and experiences are appreciated.

Anony Jan 6th, 2002 01:57 PM

Definitely Puerta Vallarta. If you want a resort with a real mexican feel, lots of character wonderful restaurants P.V is it. There are some good websites,, and<BR><BR>Hotel of choice would be the Camino Real it is a lush jungle setting and super beach. You can't go wrong with this choice. Do a search on Puerta Vallarta at top great restaurants many located in the Old Town and good shopping.

loangalsal Jan 6th, 2002 04:00 PM

I agree 100%! Love PV, Camino Real has the best beach of any hotel in PV, as close to "private" as you will find. We stay at the Krystal now, but only because we have a child, but if she was not with us we would return to the Camino again. Fabulous restaurants in PV include Daquiri Dicks (our favorite), PiPis for great casual food and fun atmosphere, Cafe de Artiste for upscale indulgence, and many more. The town is very charming, and PV is very safe. Getting more Americanized is the only drawback along with timeshare hawks. Camino Real should shelter you from that, though. Camino is a short inexpensive cab ride into town. We are going again end of January and cannot wait! Fabulous whale watching in early spring (try the Bloodhound sailboat for this) and a fun luxury home tour for charity that leaves from Hotel Molina de Agua for the International Friendship Club. Have a great time!

Monica Jan 6th, 2002 04:42 PM

Hi! Agree wholeheartedly with the two other responses. Loved the Camino Real and I feel, as well, that the hotel's beach is superior to "downtown" and the Hotel Zone area. Great service, food, and short drive to downtown as well. I hope to return ASAP! Happy Travels, Monica

Maria Jan 7th, 2002 09:15 PM

I hate to disagree but I liked Cabo better than P.V. The beaches were alot nicer and it was cleaner in Cabo. We stayed at the Finnesta and had a great time..Great fishing too

Robert Williams Jan 8th, 2002 08:07 AM

I could write volumes about my stay at the Hotel Finisterra. My wife & I got drugged at the hotel bar and also got a severe case of salmonella. Cabo is a dirty filty little village that used to be quite famous for its fishing, however the Sea of Cortez is becoming a wasteland due to overfishing. See There is also a local English written publication (I can't remember the website) called, I believe, El Portal that indicated many problems in the Cabo area from crime to business closures. Cabo is the place if you like to drink in dirty bars - there is little else there of value for a tourist. The water & ice is not safe in Cabo so beware. On the other hand PV is a real live Mexican colonial town that existed before the Mexican government decided to encourage tourism & it still exists. The food & drink is not only safe (their water is treated) but better and less expensive. The downtown area is very clean unlike Cabo. Their appears to be some community pride in PV whereas Cabo is only in it for the dollar. It is a ramhackle village that was developed strictly due to the Mexican government attempting to develop a tourist location. It worked for awhile but the fishing is disappearing and because of that I think Cabo is in for some tougher times. The village and the locals were probably better off before the Mexican government decided to try to develop a tourist location there. You will not get hassled by timeshare folks as much in PV. They are everywhere in Mexico but in Cabo you will be constantly haressed. The Hotel Finisterra has a hostess that jumps you as soon as you check in. They have a station set up in the middle of the lobby to hawk timeshares, which reflects the class of that hotel. However the hotel grounds like many are well groomed with friendly staff, beautiful pool areas, etc. but when push comes to shrove in Cabo, believe me you're on your own. These hotels are all show with very little substance. Go to PV, you won't regret it.

Robert Williams Jan 8th, 2002 08:33 AM

The local publication is the Baja Portal & you can bring it up with & click on Baja News under Travelers Corner. You might also look at the posting,"Going to Cabo in 2 wks - how is it?". As far as Mexico goes PV is one of the best places to go not only to enjoy a relaxing vacation but to experience a culture.

Rob Jan 8th, 2002 11:08 AM

Again, I disagree with all of the posts trashing Cabo. It seems that some people of this board are intent on painting this horrible picture of a dirty, drug infested hell. I don't know why these people feel this way, they do not provide comparisons, like saying "Compared with the cancun, cabo is etc. etc.". All of the other boards I have been on praise Cabo (minus the salesmen and locals constantly trying to sell things, which I don't mind just politely decline). Specifically I have read several reports about The Hotel Finisterra reccomending it, saying it is a great place to stay. Also about the water? Come on! Enough with the flat out lies. For god sakes, I drank tap water all week, brushed my teeth, drank many many cocktails with ice and I had nary a symptom. PV may be nice as well, but no need to listen to these people who obviously have an anti-cabo agenda.

Jenn Jan 8th, 2002 12:11 PM

I agree with Rob. I've been to Cabo twice and the 2nd time didn't have to worry about the water because they put in a water purification / desalinization plant. The desert area to the North is beautiful and driving is not a problem tho I wouldn't drive at night up to Todos Santos because of livestock in the road. Be sure to buy the local insurance which does make a rental a bit expensive. The entire area has grown lots in recent years and I can only conclude the negative posts are from people who want to discourage more development. <BR><BR>The airport is closest to San Jose del Cabo which is a very quiet small town. Cabo San Lucas is about 20 miles west with lots of hotels in the "corridor" between the towns. Staying there or in SJ is a much different experience than staying in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo has some wild bars and also has the cruise ship dock. But it's still fun to visit. There are great restaurants throughout the entire area (try the Santa Fe cafe in Todos Santos). The beaches are pretty (most resorts along the corridor are on the beach) but only a few spots are safe for swimming because of the undertow. The only safety concerns I had were not leaving valubles in the car or on the beach.<BR>

Robert Williams Jan 8th, 2002 01:54 PM

I am so glad for Rob & Jenn. It is obvious some folks like the dirty overpriced environment of Cabo's, however if you desire clean safe beaches, water & food you can safely drink & eat, reliable law enforcement, etc, go somewhere else besides Cabo. I hate to dispute Jenn but I don't care what water treatment plant they erected the fact is that he water is not safe. That's why the hotel rooms in Cabo all have bottles of purified water. You don't see that in PV. You guys keep using the water & your time will come. Again pull up to read what the locals have to say. They are probably more aware of what's going on in that area than Rob, Jenn, myself, or any visitor. Also read the report concerning the Sea of Cortez. Their research speaks for itself. Some people do have good experiences at places like Cabo and just have not run into a bad situation but don't discredit someone who has a bad experience because you had a good one. For those who like Cabo, please keep going there, downing your B52's or whatever, in those dingy downtown bars, and that way I won't run into you in PV.

Rob Jan 8th, 2002 02:27 PM

OK, Robert I was going to let you have your peace, but your rhetoric is so thick that you can not say anything about cabo without attaching a negative adjective, I believe that is a telling sign. I also found it strange that I found this exact same story (w/ more details) posted under the name Roy Dennis. <BR><BR>[email protected]^[email protected] <BR>I find it strange that Dennis at the end of his story says "cause me to never and I mean never venture to Mexico again" yet you tout PV like it is heaven on earth. So Robert, or whatever your name is, please just tell these people what it is you are selling in PV and quit misinforming unsuspecting travelers.<BR>Regardless "Robert" you remind me of the people you so eloquently told us to avoid in Cabo, and I for one am glad you wont be there.

Anony Jan 8th, 2002 09:30 PM

I have been following these posts with much interest. To Rob for a person who has not been to Cabo since 1996 I wonder if the realty of your next visit will match your memories. Are you prepared to shell out $200 US for a round of golf, $5.00 US for a beer (Cheaper back home I would think)?<BR> Are you aware business is down, prices are up and they have just built more possible timeshare (1000 more rooms I believe)?<BR><BR>Are you prepared to politely say no over 20 to 40 times a day? Are you prepared to be accosted at your pool, airport, restuarant, street, beach by touts trying to get you into a presentation? <BR><BR>Are you the guy that is going to sit through those presentations for 2-3hrs so you can get your golf half price, cheap tequila, a blanket or two? Are you going to be posting here at a future date don't go to that hotel I no get my presents? Have you checked the prices of your hotel against the all inclusives and the golf they offer for Free?<BR><BR>What is great about these travel boards Rob is that there is room for everyones opinion even yours. <BR><BR>By the way Rob be careful using those ATM machines and do not get to drunk at the wedding (the police you know hmm can be expensive) By the Way Rob who are you? You haven't been there for six years. <BR>Then again we ask the same question? These people that post these positive comments I think they have a hidden agenda (maybe own an interest or have something to push in Cabo hmm) Maybe??<BR><BR>Again Rob the great thing about the message board all it takes is one click and we can jump to Asia. By the Way we can get our golf for $20-$50 a day at top notch courses, massages for $5.00 to $10.00 and full course dinners for the same amount and great deals on beach bungalows, CD'S for $3.00. Yes all this waiting for us in Thailand. <BR><BR>Yes Rob I will be thinking of you and your diminishing bank account.<BR>All the best to you and yours. <BR>Bon Voyage.

Rob Jan 9th, 2002 09:42 AM

OK, a few more comments and I am done. Anonymous person is right, the great thing about these boards is everyone can share their opinion which is a great thing. I just took offense with the tone of "roberts" messages above, and in the other Cabo threads. Sure it has been 6 years since I have been there, but I do my research, and after reading here, I called the Bride and Groom who have visited Cabo 3 times in 2 years setting up their wedding, I got a different story. All of the other boards I am on, I get a different picture of the exact same hotel Robert was supposedly drugged at, this combined with the fact a very simular story is posted on another site, with a different name and email addy, and the fact that [email protected] is listed as the email address of Sean and Mike in these forums as well as "Robert". Either "Robert" is a schitzo or has a reason to conceal his identity. My main point is I feel he is misleading people, and that is wrong. <BR>As for me, I understand that Cabo is an americanized tourist city, I have booked my golf at $121 and I'm willing to pay that. I have not and will not sit through a presentation, that is not what I go on vacation for. I am asked for money or change at least 10 times over my lunch break as I take my walk through the city, so I'm pretty sure I can handle saying no gracias. Cabo is a close and convienient get away for me, and I enjoy it, or I think I still will. (I will post a review next month) Asia sounds interesting, I may take that up someday, as my travelling has been limited to the Carribian, mexico and hawaii. Sorry for the long tirade but IMO there is no need for the adjective filled trashing of any place. Facts and opinions will do fine.

Robert Williams Jan 9th, 2002 10:12 AM

Well Rob just maybe the folks that write negative comments have had negative experiences in Cabo. I have no agenda concerning Cabo, PV, or anywhere else nor do I believe most others do either. Not everyone is going to have those same experiences but the negative experiences of others certainly alert those who follow & just maybe they won't be mugged, drugged, etc.<BR><BR>Yes I was in PV two years ago and we had a good time. I didn't say it was Utopia, however I felt safe in that community, eat & drank safer, better, & cheaper than Cabo. The locals entertained with dances on the malecon certain nights for both the local folks & tourists and the area had more things to do & see. There was a sense of community in PV which is lacking in Cabo. <BR><BR>And no I don't intend to visit Mexico again. The salmonella & the drugging I received in Cabo was just not worth the cost of that vacation. There are just too many nicer places to visit such as Hawaii, Australia, & such marvelous places such as Charleston, SC for the ultimate in seafood & history & Savannah, GA during St Patrick's Day for the same. I could go on & on but you are probably not interested. Anyway Rob I just want to wish you the best of luck on all your future visits to Cabo.

Rob Jan 9th, 2002 10:33 AM

Fair enough Robert. I agree with those comments, I just took offense to the trashing you gave cabo without the reasons you list here. Thanks for the spirited debate.

Mary Jan 13th, 2002 08:34 PM

Okay, okay....enough with the trashing of Cabo. We have been going there for the past 3 yrs. and find the area between Cabo San Lucas & San Jose...better know as the corridor area to contain some clean, deserted beaches, two with lovely coves for snorkeling and an abundance of colorful fish, very few locals hawking wares. We did stay in CSL the first time, but did not find it as touristy as some other places we've visited on mainland Mexico. As for the people trying to entice people for find that everywhere these days....just go to Orlando or most any beach town in Florida!!! We prefer the town of San Jose for dining, but we do have some a couple of restaurants in Cabo that I would highly recommend if you like fabulous food and personable service. Furthermore....of all our trips to Mexico, the Cabo area is the only one where we have not had a major theft...either from our room, or at the airport. We've traveled the world and are very cautious, but they thieves have got us in PV and Acupulco both.

Anony Jan 13th, 2002 09:26 PM

Mary most of the shake downs in Cabo I have read or heard of have been taxi drivers overcharging for their rides and police putting the muscle on the tourist for so called infractions or the Mordida or {Bite} as it would be called in English. There are different ways to get to a tourist.<BR><BR>By the way Rob the Great Barrier Reef has 9000 different speciesof sea life and Thailand has 30,000 species for sea life lovers and snorkelers.

Sharon Osler Jan 14th, 2002 12:32 PM

I would fly into PV and head north, either to Bucerias or LaCruz, short distances to either. They are both small beachside Mexican communities where you get a real feel for Mexico. We enjoy the sunsets and the quieter evenings. You can certainly shop there also and enjoy good restaurants, or take the bus into PV for small coins for an evening or day. There just isn't anything in Cabo unless you are a fisherman or golfer, and golf has gotten so expensive it is almost a joke. (I don't know about the small course in San Jose as we haven't played it in awhile).<BR>There are many nice condos or homes in the areas to rent which has always worked out well for us. Have a great vacation in Mexico!

ensue Jan 16th, 2002 01:13 AM

I lov Cabos- we usually visit several times a season- fish in October for 2 weeks during the Bisbee, enjoy the yatchs and the nonprofit booths at the dock side party every late afternoon; golf for a week in late January and return one more time before spring break to take in the artisan scene. What I like is the quaintness, few people for the times we pick. Cabos is a gift and deals abound to make the venture to fit the pocketbook. The main industry is tourism, folks are in the service business- we have felt safe and cared for over the years. Yes, development has changed the crungie little fishing town but it is clean, fresh and alive. Try speaking the language as a way to enhance the experiance.

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