Leaving in 3 weeks-random odd questions

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Leaving in 3 weeks-random odd questions

It's sinking in---we're really going to Costa Rica in less than 3 weeks. (3 nights in San Jose & 3 in Manuel Antonio.) I keep thinking of odd things that keep me awake at night. Please help so I can sleep:

1) To carry a purse or not?

2) When we take the directo bus to MA, do we need to keep our luggage with us in the bus?

3) Do we need to book day tours ahead of time?

4) We're trying to decide on tours in MA---Rainmaker? Mangrove Tour? Fincas Naturales--do they do a night time tour? All three. (We are not on a unlimited budget.)

5) Malaria prevention or no worry if I use DEET?

Thanks for all your help. I promise a trip report when we return. (And probably more questions before we go!)
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You'll love it!
Answers, as I see it:
1. No purse. I don't use one. Money belts are nice inside clothing.
2. Luggage should be checked in to bus. Try to take a direct, but it will still make one stop. Be sure your luggage stays under there. Be careful at bus stations. Some people fall asleep when riding... keep your hands safely inside straps of carry-ons. Wise is safe!
3. It is not tourist season but it is summer for many northerners. You probably do not need to book tours way in advance bus as soon as you arrive.
Many tours leave at 6:00 a.m. your arrival at night to Manuel Antonio, for example, would prohibit you from doing what you want the next morning.
5. All that you have mentioned are nice. Mangrove tour is interesting and sometimes monkeys are real close.
I am not sure of night tours. You hotel will know. Check Swiss Travel in Quepos near main intersection.
6. I have lived in the Amazon and lived in Costa Rica for many years. I have never known anyone who has had Malaria. DEET is a must for other varmits that get into you. It is raining now so be sure and spray especially when in National Parks and around swampy or water areas and in jungles. I took the pills 11 years ago and all of the locals thought I was crazy. I can't advise you here.

I love Manuel Antonio!
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Hi again,
I am a little off toight. Lynch Travel agency is the name of the one in Quepos.... right near the intersection with the mexical restaurant. They know everything.
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Lori, I responded to your question through your e-mail address about taking a purse, etc. I forgot to relate to the vaccination question. I am a five yr. cancer survivor so due to my compromised immune system, my doctor advised I take Chloroquine PH prior and after our trip. I have had no side effects. My young adult kids did get bitten by mosquitos (took Deet insect repellant but they kept forgetting to use) esp. at the ankles. It's only been 7 days but no signs of illness. It is a personal decision.
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The first time I went to Costa Rica, I was very nervous about the malaria thing,too. I got the meds and started to take them, but they made me very nauseous, so I stopped. When I did visit the rainforests, I was very careful about keeping covered and using DEET. I have never had any regrets about stopping the meds! Obviously, everyone reacts differently to medications, but don't let your trip be ruined by them, either!
Have a fabulous time in Costa Rica! It is a gorgeous piece of paradise.
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I carry an oversized fanny pack for day trips, shopping, hiking, etc, because this is more comfortable to me than a backpack. It holds a water bottle, and has room enough to carry the items that I will need while out and about for a day. Whatever else we need my husband backs in his backpack.

I also carry a small cloth purse to hold the items I need for simply going to dinner.

As for tours - if there is anything that you absolutely must do, and will be disappointed if you miss out, then go ahead and book that activity. Just don't preplan every minute. I normally only prebook any tour or activity that we want to take our first full day. I only do this after years of traveling and learning that if I don't book this day it is normally the 2nd or 3rd day before we decide what we want to do!
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1. I carried a purse everywhere.
3. I don't think so, unless it's an early-morning tour you'd have to book the day before.
5. Some people get malaria shots, but it seems like most don't. We haven't.
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1) I used a small backpack in lieu of a purse. Much easier to keep my hands free for picture taking, balance, etc

2) don't know

3) only if you're arriving late or it's one you absolutely have your heart set on

4) Haven't done those tours. In MA, have done Canopy Safari ($65), Finca Valmy ($65), park ($7) or with guide ($35) and a canyon tour which I can't reccommend.

5) Never got malaria meds, most don't. From what I understand, the main areas of concern are the S Caribbean & the mid-section border with Nic. Just went a couple weeks ago & never had any problems in MA with bugs. Have a nice trip, you'll have a wonderful time.
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Thank you everyone for all of the help. You've put my mind to ease a bit. Now I probably won't sleep due to all of the excitement. I forgot to mention---I'm going with my brother, his wife, and their 3 & 6 year old daughters! Will be a real adventure! Look forward to posting a trip report (though I may be sad to be back home!) and being of some help as well.

Thanks again!
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