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meagan Apr 23rd, 2002 10:31 AM

Leaving for Peru in 3 weeks
Hello all!<BR><BR>I'm going to Peru in 3 weeks and am doing the GAP Adventures Inca Trail tour. I'll be in Lima for 3 days and Cusco for 2 days. <BR>1. Does anyone have any experience with GAP?<BR>2. Is there anything I need to beware of? (bad water/food, high-crime areas)<BR>3. The hotel in Lima is in the Miraflores district, I arrive around 7:30pm on a Saturday night. How easy/safe is it to catch a cab from the airport at that time? Will there be anything open for some good eats/drinks/music at that time? And will there be anything open on Sunday? Other than the Gold Museum and Spanish Inquisition Museums, what else should I see?<BR>4. Are there many markets in Cusco? I would like to buy a sweater/hat, some pottery, some fabric after the hike.<BR><BR>I realize I'm asking for a lot of information, but anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!<BR><BR>Muchos gracias!!

kim Apr 23rd, 2002 02:05 PM

meagan,<BR>I am leaving for Peru this Friday and have done some research. Fodors sight on Lima is good and I got a lot of info when I clicked on the smart travel tips. Also, stick to bottled water and drinks. avoid any fresh veggies or fruit that you cannot peel. You can buy solutions to disinfect it. I did get all this info. on the fodors sight.<BR>The Miraflores district is suppose to be good. I know I read something about taking the cab from the airport but I do not recall (we are suppose tohave a driver waiting for us.). I do think some hotels will arrange for pickup. We are flying over the Nazca lines which have always fascinated me. In Cuzco we are going to the Pisac Market. <BR>If you do not leave before May 10th, I could let you know about my findings. You may want to e-mail me a reminder.<BR>Kim

Christian Apr 23rd, 2002 04:30 PM

Meagan<BR><BR>Hi I'm from Peru but live in the US and I think I can help you out w/ some info.<BR><BR>-stick to bottle water. <BR><BR>- there are cabs in airport at all times w/ fixed rates to several districts (such as Miraflores)<BR><BR>- Miraflores is a very nice area, I would ask the hotel for recommendations on restaurants, "brujas del cachiche" is one of my favorites, and it's near miraflores.<BR><BR>- you should go see "museo de la nacion" not sure if open on Sundays, also you should go to downtown Lima and see the "plaza de Armas", the cathedral, etc.<BR><BR>- there are lots of markets in Cuzco, the one in Pisac (1 hr from Cuzco) is usually part of the day tour to ruins near Cuzco, but from the length of your stay it doesn't seem you'll be going there. <BR><BR>I hope this helps if you any other questions let me know<BR><BR>Christian

anne May 3rd, 2002 04:34 PM

Meagan & Others -<BR><BR>I'm going on my trip in 6 weeks.... Do you have recommendations of places to stay in Cusco? <BR><BR>Anne

davarian May 5th, 2002 08:45 AM

Hi Anne,<BR><BR>On my visits to Cusco I stay at the Hostal Cusco Plaza. There are now two of them, Cusco Plaza 1 is next to the Monasterio (Monasterio is probably the most expensive hotel in Cusco), and Cusco Plaza 2, on Plateros one block off the plaza. Both are 3 star hostals, reasonable price, 40-60$.<BR><BR>Another good place is the Amaru Hostal, Cuesta San Blas (couple blocks from the plaza), in the 20-30$ range.<BR><BR>On the Plaza is the Hostal Plaza de Armas, around 60$ for a double.<BR><BR>A bit more expensive, but not outrageous, is the El Dorado Inn on Avenida Sol, priced around 80-100$.<BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR>For info about peru, check out<BR><BR>dav<BR>

kim May 9th, 2002 06:46 AM

Hi Meagan,<BR>I just returned from my trip to Peru. Wish I was going back with you. It is incredible. Here are a few things I found out.<BR>1. Bottled water, and you can find it everyplace.<BR>2. Miraflores is a nice place. It is far from the airport and there is not an easy way to get there. I stayed at the Marriott there. Across the street is a park and under it is a Mall set in a bluff overlooking the ocean. It stayed open late and has stores and places to eat. Not anything great but okay and terrific views.<BR>3. We took a tour of Lima and unfortunately it was a holiday and most things were closed. Some say the Catacombs are interesting. However, if I had it to do all over again, I would add days to Cusco.<BR>3. We took a tour from Cusco on a Sunday and it took us to Pisac for a huge market and a smaller (I liked better) one in Chincherro. You do bargain with them. We bought lots of fabric to make into pillows. Also, bought dolls to give as gifts. You find the same things to buy at everyplace maybe with a little difference. Also, you will see kids you will want to take pictures of and you give them a sol. 1 sol is about 33cents. I wished I had taken pencils to hand out to them. They need the money to buy pencils, paper, etc. <BR>4. Take lots of film. You can buy it there, street venders are selling it everywhere in single packets. Take the pants with zippers to turn into shorts. They come in very handy. It can get warm during the day but is cool at night. Take lots of sunblock. The sungoddess is out in full force at M.P.<BR>5. One purchase that I splurged on was a baby Alpaca sweater. They are incredibley soft. They are expensive but here in the states would be at least four times as much. I bought mine at the last minute because I knew I would regret it later.<BR><BR>The people and country is incredible. You are going to fall in love with it. If you have any questions just ask and you can email me directly too. I can not say enough about it.<BR><BR>Someone asked about hotels in Cusco. I stayed in the Hotel Monestario which I believe is expensive but I would recommend staying close to the Plaza de Armas. It is safe around there. Also, avoid narrow streets at night. They all are pretty narrow but the really narrow ones. <BR><BR>One of the things I enjoyed was meeting people from different countries and it was funny how we kept running into the same people. <BR><BR>Enjoy your trip. I am ready to go back!!!<BR>Just remembered if you know some spanish you will get by great. Lots of people in Peru speak English. <BR><BR>Kim

Chris May 9th, 2002 04:03 PM

I agree with all Kimberley just wrote today, Peru is Funtastic...<BR>In Cuzco , I stayed at the Qosqo hotel, half a block from the main Plaza de Armas, $30. doble room with light brkfst incl. They kept our luggage for two days while we went to Machu Pichu.<BR>hotel has cable t.v (news), hot water all day. In Aguas Calientes, DO NOT STAY AT GRINGO BILL, NOT CLEAN, NOT FRIENDLY AND VERY EXPENSIVE FOR WHAT IT IS... In Lima we stayed at the Melia Lima, in a safe area, was a treat after less expensive hotels else where, You have t o be in Pisacc and Chincheros on Sunday. Hotel la Balsa in Puno was great new hotel, good location by the cathedral. in Cusco we used two agencies both excellent: Kantu & First Class very friendly <BR>We will bo again for a month in 2003

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