Laws In El Savador


Apr 11th, 2000, 05:09 AM
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Laws In El Savador

Seems that I remember reading somewhere that the penalty for drinking-and-driving in El Savador is execution. Does anyone know if that's true or if I've got this country mixed up with another?

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Apr 13th, 2000, 08:37 AM
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Not sure what would cause someone to ask this question, but I'll assume you're from the U.S. El Salvador doesn't execute people for drunk driving but some might prefer that over the lengthy jail terms. The laws in all of central America are very unforgiving of those who foolishly drink and drive. Visitors are not immune--drink and drive at your own peril. You could end up in jail for 60-90 days on a first offense with very little effort on the part of the authorities. Don't expect to get the cushy treatment that the U.S. gives to drunk drivers--you'll go from the police car to jail, no detours, no phone calls to your attorney, nada. Trust me, our jails make yours look like the Ritz.
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