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ann Aug 14th, 2002 11:48 AM

just back from JW Marriott, Cancun
Hi,<BR>had a great stay at the JW in Cancun. I would highly recommend it -- in fact, after staying there the only other place I'd consider would be LeMeridien... I can't imagine why anyone over 30 would prefer the FAGCB. The beach at FAGCB is tiny and not nearly as scenic. The lobby there looks like a bigger Embassy Suites... the JW is a very attractive hotel/lobby. Farther down the hotel zone, toward LeMeridien and JW, the hotel zone is lovely. Farther up, not so nice, and I would've been disappointed had I stayed elsewhere. THE BEACH AT THE JW IS GORGEOUS!!! Not at all rough when we were there, & the view is fantastic. There is a delicious brunch ($22 approx.) that could fill you up til dinner... probably the best hotel in Cancun right now...<BR>

Laurie Aug 14th, 2002 01:12 PM

Great - I'm 40 and staying at the FAGCB soon. Guess I'll look forward to dining out and excursions to Isla Mujeres and Xel-Ha.

Ally Aug 15th, 2002 06:05 AM

Laurie, don't let Ann scare you. The FAGCB is a great hotel and you'll be fine there! And brunch for apx $22 doesn't sound like such a good deal to me...especially if I'd still be hungry at dinnertime!<BR>No offense, Ann.

ann Aug 15th, 2002 08:20 AM

no offense taken! I did sound hard on FAGCB, but that was because I had debated between that and the JW before I Laurie, it is rated 5 stars by AAA, so you know it will be a beautiful hotel, and I didn't see the rooms...<BR>Mostly I just didn't like the part of the hotel zone where the FACGB is...but that is also the area where all the action is...

Sant Aug 15th, 2002 09:32 AM

Ann,<BR><BR>Glad to hear you had an awesome trip. Did you have a chance to check out the Ritz too?<BR><BR>Laurie, I don't think the FAGCB is better or wrose. Just different. It has calmer waters and it is near the sops and bars ,etc. It's all a matter of preference.

ann Aug 15th, 2002 04:18 PM

hi sant,<BR>I only saw the Ritz on the outside! It looked fine, but the pool area is nicer at the JW, bigger and with more palapas to sit under at the beach. I already wish I was back there! I could not believe that the water and beach were really that lovely!!<BR>ann

Yuri Aug 15th, 2002 04:46 PM

Never could understand the big deal about the lobby's being nicer someplace than other.<BR>Please explain it to me.

ann Aug 16th, 2002 09:20 AM

dear Yuri,<BR>you're right, the lobby shouldn't be a big deal. But it is your first impression as you step into the hotel, and my 1st impression as I stepped into the FAGCB was ... ah, a big huge fancy embassy suites...(not that there's anything wrong with embassy suites...;) )!<BR>

rbscire Aug 24th, 2002 04:04 PM

Has anyone stayed at both hotels; JWMarriott and the Ritz. This is our first trip to Cancun and we don't want to regret where we stay. So, which do you prefer the Ritz or JW? Also, how do the Spa's compare? Booking trip next week please let us know. Thanks

Susan Aug 26th, 2002 03:23 PM

Please excuse my ignorance...What is FAGCB? Thanks!

Anon Aug 26th, 2002 05:41 PM

FAGCB = Fiesta American Grand Coral Beach Hotel

Kristy Aug 27th, 2002 03:46 PM

I stayed at both the Ritz and JW Marriott in August 2001. We initially has booked the Ritz club level and suite for a week, but after looking at the JW (which had just opened) immediately checked out of the Ritz and moved to the JW. Reasons (and this is of course only my opinion) were:<BR>1. Pool at Ritz was dirty, chairs were cheap plastic and falling apart<BR>2. Could not get cabana on beach, too crowded and I was frustrated we had to pay for cabanas after what we were paying for out stay<BR>3. Room was old and looked like the furniture had come from some other Ritz property after a long period of use<BR><BR>Positives were food and service were top rate<BR><BR>JW <BR><BR>Pool is great, big and loungers are nice w/comfortable mats<BR><BR>Rooms were wonderful, comfortable beds, nice bathrooms, great views<BR><BR>These are just some quick thoughts, if you want additional info you can e-mail me at the above address<BR>

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