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Heather Jan 1st, 2002 03:34 PM

Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo - Hotel Suggestions??
Hi!<BR>Planning a vacation to Mexico for the first time and have narrow it down to this area! I am looking for any input (good and bad) for hotels to stay (or avoid!). So far, Melia Azula looks very nice - anybody know???<BR><BR>Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!

Suzanne Jan 1st, 2002 05:01 PM

Hi, <BR>Spent Xmas week at the Melia, and it is very nice. The staff, food, pool are very good, the room is just a room, but if you are looking for a nice beach, this is not the place. That is really the only negative. Also it is away from the shopping, restaurants, and whatever nightlife there is in Ixtapa. It is a 10 ride to the hotel zone. If there are other questions feel free to email me. Hope this helped some. Enjoy!

mexicodan Jan 2nd, 2002 06:43 AM


george Jan 7th, 2002 04:57 PM

try the qualton club, all inclusive<BR>across from ixtapa island for snorkling<BR>about 10 minutes from zihuatanejo.<BR>friendly staff. good food, buffet.<BR>has disco if looking for night life.<BR>only about 150 rooms 2 floors with balconies. clean.<BR>

kathy Jan 7th, 2002 06:20 PM

ixtapa beaches are okay, i highly recommend the riviera maya (45 miles south of cancun) the water is crystal clear and the white sand is awesome. lots of great hotels are also in that area!!

G&F Jan 9th, 2002 12:40 PM

We stayed at the Krystal in Ixtapa and would not recommend staying there. In Zihuatanejo (which is really gorgeous) we stayed at the Villa del Sol and also a fabulously charming bed and breakfast Villa de la Roca (both the breakfast and dinners here are AMAZING). It is right next to the Casa Que Canta and has the same views (just not from the rooms). I strongly recommend both of those places. if you have to choose between the two cities, stay at Zihua, it is so romantic, beautiful and less "touristy." While there make sure you eat at Kau Kan and definitely have dinner at Villa de la Roca one night if you are not staying there. <BR>Good luck!

wendy Jan 9th, 2002 05:54 PM

Years ago I stayed in a hotel that seems to be under different ownership. I believe it is now called Las Brisas. It was very beautiful and luxurious. I don't recall the web site doing it justice. The grounds are gorgeous, the rooms were nice and had a huge ocean view terrace with a hammack (I think very private), the food was great and there were really nice pools (one with a fountain and one with huge steps to sun bathe on.<BR>Happy travels!!!

happy with Ixtapa Jan 12th, 2002 03:42 PM

We were in Ixtapa/Zihua last yr and loved it. We stayed at the Westin Brisas..great resort with nice rooms, great pool and secluded beach. Agree the beaches in Zihua were gorgeous and would take day trips there. Lots of great restaurants in Zihua, not very far by cab. Enjoy!

michelle Feb 9th, 2002 02:33 PM

probably staying at Villa Del Sol any additional restaruant suggestions besides the resort - the more casual and laid back the better.

Michelle Apr 1st, 2002 09:04 PM

I have been to Ixtapa 4 times in the last 3 years. I would not recommend the Krystal. Definitely in need of renovation. However, the last two years we have stayed at the Melia Azul. Safe and great food at all restaurants. Be sure and make reservations when you arrive, or you will not get in. Also, venture out in a taxi (not the bus - too hot and dirty) to Emillio's for fabulous wood-fired pizza, bread and wine!! The bill for 4 was less than $40.00! Well worth the venture from AI. Lobster at JJ's Lobster & Shrimp is great too! As far as the Melia, insist on a balcony room. You may not get one the first night, but they will transfer you graciously! I highly recommend this resort. But spend your time around the pool and just take walks on the beach. The sand is grey from the waves crashing on Ixtapa Island (volcanic). If you have any other questions, feel free to email me, I'll be happy to help!

ride the bus Apr 2nd, 2002 09:59 AM

(michelle says) don't take the bus because it's "too hot and dirty" ??? come on now, if you choose to vacation in Mexico why not actually experience some of the local culture? and there's no place more authentic than on a local bus! where's your sense of adventure?

Connie Apr 2nd, 2002 05:30 PM

We are going to the Melia Azula this Saturday. Did you end up going there? If so, we want to know what you thought and what activities there are.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Connie

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