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Teresa Carter Feb 8th, 1999 12:12 PM

Ixtapa/Z., Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta?
Husband, 15 yr old son and I are planning our first trip to Mexico. We've narrowed it down to Ixtapa area, Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta. We want a hotel on the beach with a view and a kitchenette. We need to keep the hotel cost down so we can enjoy watersports, fishing, etc. Any good recommendations?

Cheryl Z. Feb 8th, 1999 03:54 PM

<BR>Ola - haven't been to Ixtapa, would never go back to Mazatlan, and absolutely love PV. There's a lot to do, great variety of hotels/price range to choose from. Elsewhere in the forum, someone is giving a lot of hotel info for Mexico that should help you. We have a time share and have stayed there mostly the last l5 years so can't give too much personal experience for other places, except that friends have stayed at the Molina de Agua in town and loved it. Others have stayed at the Sheraton and enjoyed that. I like PV so much better than Mazatlan because it's prettier, cleaner, smaller, while easier and safer to get around in.

JR Feb 9th, 1999 09:21 AM

Hi Teresa,Try Playa Los Arcos in Vallarta Tel. 52-322-2-31-02 <BR>Or Hotel Rio - not on the beach, but in town and does have kitchenettes, very <BR>e-mail [email protected] <BR>ask for Victor, the manager and my buddy. I live here and have a site of info. at <BR> <BR>Hasta, <BR>JR

BobbyB Feb 10th, 1999 05:58 AM

I have spent a considerable amount of time in both Nazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. I agree that Puerto Vallarta is definitely a much better choice over Mazatlan. If it wasn't for having relatives in the Mazatlan are, we would never visit there. We always stay in timeshare resorts so I am not familiar with the local hotels. Acutally I would choose La Paz, BCS over either of the two places. Much better beaches, great fishing, and La Paz is a great city.

barb Mar 12th, 1999 03:21 PM

How funny. Everyone that I've talked to who has been say Puerto Vallarta is awful because the water is polluted, and it smells. Not good for swimming. My girlfriend went to Playa del Carmen last year, and PV this year. The type of men were quite different. Big beer guzzling alcoholic types in PV, and athletic fun types in Playa.

BobbyB Mar 12th, 1999 10:16 PM

The question was about Puerto Vallarta vs Mazatlan vs Ixtapa. Of the 3, I would choose Puerto Vallarta. I could care less about the kind of men that frequent these places and I am sure that Teresa is not interested either. Don't drink nor hang out at bars or tourist joints. I go for the Mexican ambience and being fluent is Spanish I stick strictly to associating with my many Mexican friends and relatives. We do some boat trips etc. and other tourist type activities.

Cheryl Z. Mar 13th, 1999 04:44 AM

<BR>Have to agree with Bobby. Have not been to Playa however. We also like Cancun and the water is much more blue and clearer, and the sand softer and whiter, but I still prefer PV. It's also supposed to have the safest and best water system in Mexico. I do know that every year there is an improvement - cleaner beaches etc.

Keith Muramoto Apr 3rd, 1999 02:33 PM

Although, I live here in south orange county (CA) I work for a Mexican Corporation that is based south east of Guadalajara. My job brings me to Mexico about once a month and my wife (born in Mexico) and I have vacationed at nearly every major, and many little known, beach restorts in Mexico. Mazatlan would be my last choice. Unless, of course, I just graduated from high school and want to just party my ass off on a very limited budget. PV is nicer, more relaxed, but I only go there when I am in the area and have the need for some quick R&R. If you want to beautiful beachs, party your ass off, THOUSANDS of out of control kids, go to Miami. You'll find the same the same thing in Cancun, with the exception of some day trips to visit ruins, but any mexican flavor that does exist has a feeling of being imported. I'll be there in May, but only because I have to. Besides, Miami is cheaper. <BR> <BR>Of the choices that you listed I would definitely choose Ixtapa. Ixtapa is the newer of the three restorts and has not had the chance to be "tourified" as much as your other two options. Ixtapa, is a modern resort community and has very little Mexican style. On the other hand, Zihuatanejo, the small fishing village located 6 km away, is all about flavor. The nicest and the budget conscious hotels are all located here within it's city limits. In Zihua you can find the hotel, all the watersports, fishing, and restaurants that will make a successful vacation. Just do a web search and you should get some pretty good information on hotels in the Zihuatanejo area. If you need additional information just email me. <BR> <BR> <BR>Keith Muramoto <BR> <BR>PS. If you're there in May maybe we can all raise some cold beers.

Pamela Apr 4th, 1999 09:42 AM

Dear Teresa, After living here in Vallarta for many years and travelling extensively through Mexico....Vallarta is THE best as the people, the cleanliness and the prices. Everyone goes on vacation for different reasons. If you want to party, then party. If you want to relax, then relax. If you want to do something else, then do it. It is all available. A vacation is what you make it. I would suggest something in the Los Muertos area, southside. Check out JRs is the best around. Have a great time, wherever you go! Pamela <BR>

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