Is Rio worth a visit? safe?

Old Aug 6th, 2002, 03:54 PM
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Is Rio worth a visit? safe?

I am looking for an alternative to my european travel and have thought of Rio. Somewhat leary b/c I always associate Rio with crime - comments?
What is there to do in Rio other than the beach.
I am also looking at buenos aires and peru although I am leaning away from peru since it is expensive and difficult to get to the Inca ruins.
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Well, xxxx, there's indeed street crime in Rio, as there's in Rome, Paris, London, Miami, New York, or any other big city in the world.

We're having presently problems with drug dealers, but it happens mostly in the favelas (shanty towns), and prisions, and doesn't affect areas like Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon.

Besides the beaches and nature, Rio has many museums,beautifui churches, the Sugar Loaf, and Chist, the Redeemer, the statue on the Corcovado Hill, wonderful restaurants, and a beautiful and friendly people, besides many other attractions, including the wonderful climate.

Since I'm a carioca, meaning I was born and live in Rio, I hope some other tourist that visited Rio answer your question,and let you know their impressions.

Beware that presently the Dollar rate against the Real is 3,15.


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A friend and I went to Rio, Iguasu Falls, and Petropolis in March, we loved Brazil!

We're two ladies, the far side of 50, we stayed in Copacabana, took public transporation, had a ball. It's not any more dangerous than any medium-to-big city in the US, just don't be stupid (ex.: don't wear expensive jewelry, don't be drunk on the beach after midnight, don't flash cash). We were there 10 days and just wish we had discovered Brazil 35 years ago when we were single, cute, skinny. The Brazilian people are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen!

Don't worry, just go and have a ball. BTW, we felt it was safer in Copa over Ipanema. Ipanema was full of rich-looking American tourist; Copa was full of friendly locals.

Hope this helps,
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Hello xxx..

I am a frequently Brazil traveller, and my absolutely favourite city is Rio de Janeiro!
I don't know if all the people see it like me, but for me this city is marvelous...most marvelous in the world!
Of course there is some crime, but it is not more dangerous than any other big european or US- city I think!
Well, in Rio -as Surlok told you before- there's so much to do beside the beach, ..there are a lot of different beaches, museums, restaurants, parks (like the Botanical Garden or the Rio-ZOO) , some islands ..(Paqueta island)
and some 100-200 kms away there are a lot of beautiful beach-cities you can visit , like: Buzios, Paraty, Cabo Frio, Saquarema, Ilha Grande, etc...
and of course not to forget the most beautiful sound in Rio: Samba!!!
The most exciting time definitelly to visit Rio is sure the word famous Carnival!!!

And besides, Brazil now seems to be very cheap, because 1 Euro = 3.01127 Brazilian Real ...
So take the chance, and travel now!!!!

If you would like more informations and advice, please feel free to E Mail me:
[email protected]


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Go to is safe, beautiful and has some of the friendliest people on earth! There's plenty of museums and sightseeing as well as great restaurants and shopping. Check out for more info. Good luck!
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Yes, Rio is worth a visit (it's spectacular), and safe if you take ordinary precautions. While you're there you really should try to get up to Iguassu Falls for a couple of days. You can get easy, affordable packages from Rio.

On the other hand, I'm not sure why you think Peru would be expensive or difficult; it's not. I think the most difficult part of going either place was getting the Brazilian visa.
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I went to Brazil last late Sep/Oct with my husband and was scared about the crime warnings. I bought a "fake" wedding band, wore no other jewelry, only brought disposable cameras, etc. Well, we had absolutely no problems! Yes, we are seasoned travelers and are very savvy but we never once felt threatened. We've had minor problems in Oaxaca (in the busy markets) and once in Indonesia (on the bus)-both attempted pickpockets. Needless to say, we were paranoid over nothing, but it is always safe to have your guard up while traveling. I would highly recommend Salvador in Bahia over Rio though. Much more culture, better food, and beautiful beaches. We stayed at Hotel Casurina, which is where this year's Sports Illustrated Bikini Issue was shot! The rooms are modest, but the location is AMAZING! Try for an oceanfront unit. Tip: we went without reservations and just showed up since it was off season. My husband negotiated to about 40% off the listed rates! We did that at all of our hotels and even asked that they show us the room and managed to get teh best room, location wise for the bottom rate!
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