Is my Travel Agent blowing it?

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Is my Travel Agent blowing it?

We have been getting advice from our travel agent regarding a proposed June trip to Cancun. She came back with 6 hotels, with prices. We asked her to check out the Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, which we have heard here and elsewhere is fantastic. She says that it would be wrong for us: a family of 4 (16 year old daughter, 12 year old son). She says it caters to senior citizens, and we would not be comfortable there. Is she trying to steer me towards hotels that will give her a kick-back or something? Anyone have any feedback on the Fiesta? Please help! We need to make a decision soon. Do travel agents operate as I am starting to suspect?
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We were there and what we liked the most it was being with people all ages. It was a wonderful place. I have a had time to figure out why your agent made such statement. We booked directly with them without using any travel agent
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I didn't stay at the Fiesta in Cancun, but did in Cozumel, and there seemed to be a huge mix of people. I did tour the one in Cancun and didn't think of it as being over run with senior citizens. As for the TA kickbacks, it could be true, but most trips to cancun are booked as a package, or hotel only through a tour company as they often offer better rates. So it would be booking with a certain tour company rather than a specific hotel that would benefit your TA, at least that is usually the case. And there are pleny of exceptions to that rule.

Your TA could be just giving you her own opinion of things as she has seen it.

I can say it was a beautiful hotel, but the water was a bit rough, that could be that we were there in late Aug when the hurrican warning was in effect, LOL.
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Mark, I found your message interesting. Checked my AAA Guide to Mexico, 2002 edition and they show no prices for the Fiesta Grand Coral with a note that reads:
"Property failed to provide current prices - 2nd year."
On the other hand, the Fiesta Condessa in Cancun did provide prices to AAA.
As for your TA remark about catering to Senior Citizens, I find that difficult to believe; the Grand Coral has what, 500+ rooms?
I suggest you seek another TA in your area that is knowledgeable and familiar with Mexico/Cancun bookings and see if you get the same response.
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Better yet. You can do make reservation all be yourself.
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Fiesta Americana Coral Beach is one of the Best Properties in Cancun.
I do not book it often, but that is because it is Very Expensive for Cancun.
I do not think it is all Seniors.
Agents do not generally get kick-backs from hotels. (Palace Resorts do offer one). I personally think Palace Resorts are over priced and book other properties instead.(so not all of us are tempted by kick-backs)
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Nicest hotel in Cancun but it is on the expensive side. The location is fantastic. Have been to Cancun 5 times.
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Kathy Lynn Kinzel
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All three of the Fiesta Americana properties in Cancun cater to a mixed group of people of all ages including families with teens. They offer all kinds of activities for children regardless of age. Your agent obviously is not familiar with the property. Although the Condesa and Coral Beach are the priciest of the three.

Hope this helps.
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Mark, go to another travel agent. You do not trust this one so why are you wasting your time???

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