Insect Repellant In Puerto Vallarta?

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Insect Repellant In Puerto Vallarta?

I read somewhere that the insects are bad on certain beaches and tours. Is this correct and should I take insect repellant with me?
We are going in June.
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Hi Karen,
If you're going to be down by the beach, especially near a river, in the early morning or at dusk , you better put some repellent on those legs. The main culprit is an almost invisible fly called, a no-see-um, nono or sand flea.
Mosquitoes are not a very big problem here, certainly less than Wisconsin.
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Vallarta Vicki
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They're mainly mid-June-ish till around Nov.-ish (from the start of rainy season till a bit after the last rains!). IÕve heard theyÕre attracted to DARK clothing & you after you've eaten a banana! WARNING!! Between 5-7pm the "NO-SEE-EMS"/JEJENES (hehenes)/"sand flees," "punkies," "flying teeth" mosquitoÕs come out in full force!!! These are teeny tiny black mosquitoÕs that attack you leaving behind a burning sensation & huge welts for a few days!! The welts even come up days later (some people think they have fleas in their bed but itÕs almost always the "No-See-Ems")!! Angela says that Vitamin B3 - specifically Niacidimide (or some spelling like that) - you can find it at health food stores] - about 2,000 mg+ Depends on your bod!!).

POSSIBLE REMEDIES TO WARD OFF MOSQUITOS (not recommending, just sharinÕ info!):
¥ TO PUT ON YOUR BODYoINGEST: Avon Skin-So-Soft (one of the BEST insect repellants!) o Tea Tree Oil/Melaleuca (put in your sunscreen) o Mosquito repellant with at least 30% DEET o Natural Insect Protection "Cactus Juice"!! Made with the Prickly Pear Cactus, natures plant of choice for protection from biting insects. Protects from sandfleas, no-see-ums, black flies, gnats & mosquitoes with no harmful chemicals (thanx Chiulo!) o B-12 o B Complex o B-6 o B-1 - 100mg twice a day, 1-2 days before arrival o taken 10+ days before you travel can help a bit o Brewers Yeast 7-10 days before traveling + take while there o Garlic tablets & eat LOTS of garlic (not sure about that one as while in Florida in Õ01 the night before I made a roast with about 50 garlic cloves & ate LOTS of them & STILL the mosquitos found their way to me!! Guess IÕm just soooo sweet!!). The funkiest one IÕve seen is tie a piece of Bounce softener sheets (I believe most brand/no-name-brands will work also) through a belt loop when outdoors (repels them!!).

TO KEEP AWAY (EXTERIOR): I hear that if there's air blowing on you (like a fan) the mosquitos canÕt fight the current & stay off!! Citronella Candles are REALLY good & seem a bit less toxic than the Mosquito Coils which seem to work fairly well though they can smell nasty (& toxic so IÕm not positive on this one). IÕve known numerous people that have tried this & says it works . . . "Bounce" Softener Sheets!!! Tie a sheet of Bounce through your belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season & itÕs supposed to keep them away!!

AFTER YOUÕRE STUNG (to assist with getting rid of the itching) Ð Rub DONÕT scratch!!! O "After Bite" (I believe you get it before you go) o Benadryl o Lavender Oil (donÕt put the tip of the bottle on your hand as it will contaminate the bottle, let drop in your hand). These remedies can help & are especially crucial when going/staying near the jungles from the start of the rains till IÕd say around December (not sure if it works for the no-see-ems - they're vicious!!) try something, otherwise you'll get eaten alive (if youÕre sweet like me!!)! They like to hang out in areas near the jungles, trees or rivers! (THANX Juan for this valuable info as I'd heard a few comments about these yet no one could tell me what the heck they were!! Another Puerto Vallarta mystery solved!) o I even heard that if you put clear nail polish on the no-see-em & mosquito bites it dries up the bite & shrinks it, stopping the itching & the swelling goes down almost instantly!! IÕve also heard . . . lime juice! I hear itÕs the females that bite (hummmm on that one!!)!!!
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