Nov 3rd, 2006, 12:43 PM
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Many flights were rescheduled last October causing all kind of inconveniences. We were flying on the 16 th from Montevideo to Buenos Aires at 9.15 AM and Aerolineas changed the flight to 11.55 AM !! this was a big inconvenience because we had to keep an appointment in the morning.
I am so pleased that as usual we had bought the tickets through WOW . They called us long distance at our hotel in Montevideo two or three days ahead, as I am sure Wow called all their passagers in similar predicaments. We were able to change the appointment which was important to us.
Once more I stress the importance to deal with reliable travel agencies, not with people that fades away sometimes leaving an answering machine. Wow has always been there for me, I am sure many other travel agencies are as good as Wow.I do not wish to imply that it is the only one I would trust. I think it is important to deal with such kind of a travel agency. Argentinean travel agencies are registered and it is easy to find about them through
If you wish to know if you are dealing by the internet wih a person or a travel agency that person should be able to give you the official registration number of the agency for you to check it.
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