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tripgirl Jan 19th, 2007 06:32 PM

Hotel Help Need: Cancun: Westin Le Meridien or Hilton
Hi all again,

This is Part 2 of my queries into hotels for our trip next Dec/Jan to Mexico.

The first part of the trip will be to Cancun.( second is around Merida as my previous post explained). We've narrowed down to Hilton, Le Meridien and Westin ( we want our points)

Any comments on the above properties?

Most important to us: room and room size ( a little luxury, please), location to restaurants and shopping, beautiful public spaces , not too many kids, good service, great pool area and of course beach.

We will stay for three days, Dec 29, 30, 31st.

Also we might consider Cozumel or Playa De Carmen and abandon Cancun if we can find Starwood or Hiltons suitable there too.

BTW: We try to stay at Hilton or Starwood hotels during our Dec holidays merely because we do like to rack up points and we are pretty lucky so far. For all of our other holidays in Europe or Asia we stay wherever we want as they are much more elaborate and extensive vacations. I just thought I'd let you all know this in case you start to recommend places outside of Hilton or Starwood for this Dec/Jan vacation, as we are going to go with one of these type of properties. We are indeed purposely limiting ourselves.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Thanks a mil.....

tripgirl Jan 19th, 2007 06:33 PM


juribe31 Jan 22nd, 2007 07:28 PM

I've been to Cancun, and I truly recommend Le Meridien. It has been voted in Mexico and in the world as one of the best hotels anywhere. But, it sounds like you also are looking for inclusiveness, and you will only find that at Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya. But since you are not going during spring break season, I would truly recommend Le Meridien for elagance and great location. Forget the Westin eventhough is an excellent hotel is in a bad location, by no means bad area, but is on the bottom tip of the island close to the airport where nothing really happens. Most of the shopping, restaurants, clubs and old cancun downtown is on the top tip of the island. I believe Le Meridien is on half way. Good Luck!

tripgirl Jan 23rd, 2007 05:59 AM

We've booked the Le Meridien! Agreed it looks great.

We ended up using our Starwood points for our stay for 4 nights Dec 28-Jan1.

Now we are looking into staying in the heart of Merida for the remainder of the trip, Jan 1-4.

Has anyone stayed at the 5 star Casa Lucia? It is rated number 2 on Trip Advisor and looks very luxurious. We are looking at junior suite. I can't believe the price is so low though ( low for us) . It seems to be $200 a nite not including taxes and service fees which would come to probably no more than 18% I assume. Anyone ever stay at Casa Lucia.

We've abandoned the idea of the luxury haciendas in the Starwood collection outside of Merida ; as we've spent them on Le Meridien instead and will save the remainder points for some where else in the world.

Also, another question. We do want to do Chichen Itza. From some of hte posts I have read over, it looks like CI is actually closer to Cancun than Merida; true?

We are really planning on beach time Cancun ( we are big beach people) and saving the history for when we are in Merida. Can we do our trip to CI from Merida instead.

We would prefer a private guide for CI; anyone have experience with this.
We will have a car as we will drive from Cancun to Merida.

Thoughts appreciated.

Joelle Feb 5th, 2007 07:16 AM

Could we have your feedback on Le Meridien? Was it up to your expectations?

Curt Feb 5th, 2007 01:03 PM

Le Meridien Cancun is wonderful. Excellent rooms, great service, great location. Food and drink in hotel can be expensive. Top notch gym/work out area. Great pools and beach access. Only thing we thought was lacking was a lobby coffee/pastry (say like a Starbucks) for cheaper early morning starters.

If you can afford the rates go for it.

tripgirl Feb 5th, 2007 04:46 PM

we won't be there until Dec 2007 and I will let you know.

And we are using Starwood points: yay! Have loads of points!

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