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katolb90 Dec 19th, 2003 11:50 AM

Help with rafting fears
I currently have a reservation for the Reventazon in January (first trip, first time rafting)

I heard the Pacuare was more scenic, but its tougher right? I kinda want to change the reservation to Pacuare for the scenery, but don't want to fall out of the boat and break my skull on a rock or something. That would definitely ruin the whole vacation. LOL

Should I be brave and change it?

Suzie2 Dec 19th, 2003 12:37 PM

Wish I could send you the video of us on the Reventazon. It was wild and we actually lost our guide at one point. We sort of thought he let himself get thrown out but he wouldn't say. It was right in the middle of some big rapids. My first rafting trip ever.
I have since run into quite a few beginners on the Pacuare. There was a cute little older couple that were scared to death, thought they had signed up for more of a float trip. Wanted to know if someone could come pick them up so they wouldn't have to finish. It was explained that the only way out is over the mountain. They put them in the middle and had them sit on the floor of the raft for the rest of the trip. They did fine. There was a woman in the van with us last time who had never been rafting. She was really nervous. She was also traveling alone. The only advice someone like me can give is to tell them to just listen to your guide, that is why they are the guide. They know the river and they know what you need to do. She ended up on a different raft but I got to talk to her during lunch. She was luvin it!
The Pacuare is not too bad if there hasn't been much rain. Last time we went they had actually cancelled trips the week before because of dangerously high water. One of the companies (a smaller independent one) put in early and didn't get the word that none of the others were going out. Unfortunately, it was a fatal mistake for someone. I would stick to the better known companies. They are extremely safety concious and they communicate potentially dangerous situations. My husband did get thrown out for the first time that trip. He doesn't swim but did fine. There is always someone in a kayak not too far away to rescue you.
I am actually over the legal older age for some of the rafting companies and have been on my last couple of trips but I am looking forward to rafting it again. I am hoping next year. My husband and I were gym junkies and I hurt my back lifting full kegs of beer (long story) and he wrecked his shoulder and had to have surgery. He thinks it is back to where it was and wants to give the river a try again. I have been doing core strengthening for my back so hopefully by next year we will be ready. I miss those waterfalls and canyons as well as the rapids.
You do get to play in some waterfalls and you do get to float in the water in some beautiful areas.

Suzie2 Dec 19th, 2003 12:43 PM

One last thing to think about. You might want to ask Rios Tropicales if you could switch trips a few days ahead of time (a lot of people don't even sign up for these trips until a day ahead of time). This way you could watch the weather on the internet to see how much rain they are getting. If it doesn't look bad you might be able to just switch then. Keep in mind the the two Rivers are in the same general area of the country so both will be affected by rain.

katolb90 Dec 19th, 2003 06:28 PM

Well Suzie2, I was with you until you mentioned the person dying. Did he drown? I thought they used life vests. Or did he/she hit something. Maybe I'll do the Reventazon and if I really like it, sign up for the Pacuare. Have you used both Rios Tropicales and Costa Rica expeditions for these trips. Which did you prefer. I'm signed up with Rios.

Suzie2 Dec 19th, 2003 07:35 PM

Both are highly regarded. Remember, it was a person who went out with a small independent company. This is a totally unregulated sport in CR. I have run the river with both CRE and Rios Tropicales and felt very comfortable with both. I have even done the overnight on the Pacuare with each of them. Rios Tropicales Lodge was much nicer than CRE's tent camp. Aventura Naturales is also a reputable company.
All of these companies give safety talks and detailed instructions before you even get in the raft. Listen carefully. You will be wearing a life vest and a helmet. Some people wear baseball caps under the helmet to keep the sun out of their eyes. No glasses allowed when we went. They do have dry bags.

This is your first time. If you are not comfortable with one then by all means go on the trip you are most comfortable with. It will still be a lot of fun. As far as I am concerned it is hard to find an area of CR that is not special in one way or another and the Reventazon has plenty of "special" to offer.

Percy Dec 20th, 2003 08:57 AM

Is there an age restriction of going on Class 1 water rafting!?
I have a couple of senior friends who are planning to go to Costa Rica in April and are thinking of taking a "mild" rafting tour.
They are age 66 and 68 but in good health.
Is there a nice easy river for them to go down or should they just think of doing other things!?

Suzie2 Dec 20th, 2003 11:25 AM

Hey Percy,
There are a couple of trips they can take. One would involve getting to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui which they could do on an all day tour of other things (Highlight tour). Or if they are going to be using the driver you used he could stop in other spots on the way. Lots of birds, monkeys, iggies, caimen, bats. Very relaxing.
Another river possibility would be the Corobici. I haven't been on this on so can't say what it is like. Rios Tropicales would have more info on it.
Another option would be an all day trip out of Fortuna up to Cano Negro. It is a fascinating place and the touring is very similar to Tortuguero where you see lots and lots of neat things from a boat. Not a rafting trip but very nice. I saw several birds there that I had never seen before. If you get lucky you will even see a stork. It is definitely an all day trip but they would most likely get to stop on the way. We had a private tour so headed back to town for lunch but many of the other tour boats were having a picnic lunch. There is one place that everyone stops at on the way and that is at a little bridge in a little town. In the trees (and I do mean in, on and everywhere) there are hundreds of huge iguanas in plain sight from the bridge. In late Jan and part of Feb, from what I understand, the males are really red because it is breeding season and they are full of testosterone. We saw them like that this past year and it was wild.
I have more than a few years to go to that age but I hope I am still as active as they are. when are you heading back down?
Pura Vida

Suzie2 Dec 20th, 2003 11:30 AM

Hey again Percy,
I am doing this on the fly while I am waiting for my Christmas baking to come out of the oven.
The Sarapiqui can be just a boat trip from the dock in town or I believe there is an area where you can "mild" raft. Again, Rios Tropicales would have all the dirt on most of the rivers.

Percy Dec 20th, 2003 02:20 PM

Well, right now I am recovering from the Flu..been in bed for the last 3 days.Thank goodness I did not have a Christmas Trip booked like the other past 3 years...or I would have had to cancel.!
I am thinking of going to the Pacific Coast in Guanacaste to one of the resorts there and then have some pool time and some tours from that area also.
Turtles are egg laying until about end of February.
I would try to get Oscar to tour me around but I do not want him coming all that way, just to drive me around when he might be quite busy where he is.
As you know I live in Edmonton and Calgary is just down the road ( 180 miles),they have direct non stop flights from Calgary to Liberia Airport,so that is handy.
I had your e-mail address but I lost it because I down loaded the new version of Internet Explorer and Outlook and lost my whole address list in the Outlook Express... that was not suppose to happen but it did.!!!! so much for downloading.
I should have listened to myself, my brain was telling me: "If it ain't broke don't fix it." But oh no I had to download.
Are the newer versions better? Absolutely NO.
Thanks Suzie

Suzie2 Dec 21st, 2003 08:19 AM

Computers...ya gotta luv them.
I've lost all my land addresses on outlook also.
[email protected]

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