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alisa350 Nov 11th, 2018 06:22 PM

Help with Panama Itinerary
Hi all,
My husband and I are taking our first trip alone in a long, long time and would really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
Our itinerary is looking like:
Jan 9 arrive in Panama City
Jan 10 explore Panama City
Jan 11 fly to David and on to Boquete
Jan 11-13 Boquete
Jan 14 drive to Bocas del Toros
Jan 14- 17 Bocal del Toros
Jan 18 fly to Panama City
Jan 19 - fly home

I would love suggestions for places to stay -- romantic and relaxing around $100/ night range. We can go a bit more if a place was amazing - but, overall, are hoping to keep costs down for the vacation.
A few other questions:

- would it be best to get a car at the airport in David and be able to drive ourselves around Boquete and to see the local area? Or, would we be better finding drivers, taking cabs, etc...?
- Is it be best to find a driver in advance to bring us from Boquete to the boat for Bocas Del Toro? Or, can we hire someone easily when we are there? Or, if we have a car from David, should we drive ourselves?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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