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Paco Oct 17th, 1999 08:38 PM

Hiˇˇ I'm travlleing to Guatemala from Oct. 30 - Nov 2. I'm planning to visit Antigua, Chichicastenango and Tikal, mainly. <BR>Can anybody tell me about nice restaurants in this places? Any info about Guatemalan crafts? Local food specialities to try? <BR>I'm flying to Guatemala City and from there we drive to Antigua. Any ideas about places to visit in Guatemala City, for a short (2-3 hours) visit there? <BR>Is Lago de Atitlán really nice? <BR>Thanks in advance <BR>Paco <BR>

Dave Oct 23rd, 1999 11:24 AM

We stayed at Tikal a few years ago, at the Lodge. It is the best place. Ate at their restaurant, I don't know of any other. <BR> <BR>Tikal is awesome - must see. A very large area, many ruins. <BR> <BR>Plenty of local crafts there.

Living Large Oct 24th, 1999 07:07 AM

Paco-The Sunday market at Chichi is one of the great, unforgettable markets of the world--try to be there then for all the color and customs. Crafts, as you probably know, are exceptional and inexpensive. The fabrics are handmade by villagers and represent over 300 classic patterns. They are stunning all over my house! The masks are exceptional as well, and carvings and folk chests. Coffee is great. <BR>In Chichi, the hotel buffets cater to tourists but are excellent. Antiqua has several restaurants in colonial buildings. Ask when you get there. If you eat early you can get in any. <BR>Lake Attitlan is gorgeous; hope for a clear day when you see the perfect peak. <BR>Im Guatamala, generally speaking, I'd go to the top hotels for the best food, except in G City and Antigua, where there some good restaurants. You are in for a fabulous trip!

bal Nov 5th, 1999 04:23 PM

Paco How was your trip? I was there in July. It was a great trip. I did not go to Tikal. Saving it for next time. Lake Atitlan was the most beautiful sight from up above in the mountains. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Can't wait to back again.

HEATHER Sep 5th, 2001 03:24 PM


Rebecca Jul 15th, 2002 06:46 AM

I'm planning a trip in early 2003 to Antigua and Lago de Atitlan. Any advice would be gratefully received. Anyone know the cheapest way to get to Guatemala (I'm coming from the UK) and have any tips on staying around Lago de Atitlan.<BR><BR>I'm thinking about staying in one of the villages for a couple of weeks - maybe San Pedro la Leguna - is there much to do, would you recommend going to Antigua as well.<BR><BR>I'm thinking of staying in Guatemala for about 3 weeks.<BR><BR>And finally - how safe is it? Are there areas to avoid - do you run into any problems around the lake?

Charly Jul 15th, 2002 01:57 PM

If you visit Tikal, I would certainly recommend to take some 2 to 3 days of your itinerary to visit the Petexbatun Lagoon (An 1.5 hour drive from Tikal), it would be a once in a lifetime experience. I just had my adventure at the Petexbat&uacute;n Lagoon, the places is like an advance to paradise. This lagoon is surrounded by a real jungle and several exotic ancient Mayan cities. I visited the Mayan city of Aguateca, which offers the best Nature hike I had in my whole trip over Central America. Here you walk in the jungle, at the side of an escarpment and enter into a crack formed when the mountain was divided in two parts, several thousands years ago, after that you climb to this awesome city that right now is being carefully restored. The archaeologists working in the place where very friendly, they even show me all their work and their latest finds in this awesome city. Next day I visited the remote Mayan city called Dos Pilas, for arriving to this city I traveled horseback 3 hours through the Jungle, then I visited the site full of some huge and magnificent carved stelaes and several hieroglyphic stairways and enter to the Blood Cave which was full of ceramic fragments. I lodged in Chiminos Island Lodge which every bungalow offers spectacular views to the lagoon and is located inside the jungle. Here I enjoyed the best food I have ever had in a Central America country. In this lodge they even baked their own bread before each meal, which it was delicious.

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