Food in Guatemala and Honduras

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Food in Guatemala and Honduras

In a few weeks I'm off for a trip to Honduras and Guatemala. My plans are all made, no problems there. But I was wondering: what are the best things to eat? I don't like particularly spicy food (well, my stomach doesn't like particularly spicy food) and am open to most anything else, except bugs. From everything I read, neither country is high on the culinary scale, but I know the "real" food of each country is usually great. What shouldn't I miss?
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I am considering a trip to the area as well. I am wondering is there concern over eating fresh fruits and vegetables in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize as in Mexico? Have a great trip!
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Best local food for me in Guatemala is pepián with fresh tortillas. In Honduras, baleadas and pupusas. I'm very careful with what I eat in all 4 of those countries; I've pasted a list of the health precautions I take below. Happy trails!

:: I tend to follow the adivce of the CDC for the country/ies I’m visiting:

:: At least be sure you're up to date on routine vaccines like diphtheria/tetanus and measles/mumps/rubella; many adults in the US aren't and some of those illnesses are horrible and still prevalent in developing countries. In my opinion everyone should have Hep A, too.

:: Keep the bugs from biting by wearing long sleeves/pants during buggy times (usually dusk and dawn), using effective, safe repellent (I like Ultrathon and Sawyer's Controlled Release deet products). You can also buy clothes preloaded with permethrin or buy the sprays and do it yourself; even a bandana is handy this way. I've read that any sort of oil will keep sand flies at bay but we haven't had much problem with them in our travels (pray for a steady breeze!) so can't speak about that personally.

:: I only drink bottled water, never tap (unless I purify it or boil it), even on my toothbrush

:: I wash my hands every chance I get

:: I avoid fruit I haven't peeled myself unless I trust the preparer (no bags of yummy-looking cut up mangos from street venders, but usually I've felt ok in homestays)

:: I avoid lettuce

:: I only eat street food if it's selling quickly and really hot; most careful folks would say avoid it

:: I take shelf stable probiotics on the road; the one I prefer is here:

:: I take a papain and bromelain digestive enzyme capsule just before or after high protein meals to speed digestion; I don't have a preferred brand but here's a link to some information:

:: When I have a touch of diarrhea, I take 2 or 3 cayenne capsules and repeat every few hours - usually kicks it

:: I carry immodium or the like but rarely need it; it shouldn't be used if you're REALLY sick as it keeps the bad bugs in your system longer (can be really dangerous)

:: I get a prescription filled for the antibiotic Ciproflaxin to carry along in case one of us gets REALLY sick (powerful stuff not to be taken lightly) ; it's usually available without a prescription in CA.
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Received 0 Likes on 0 Posts has best tips I always bring a good medical kit and follow the time tested rule bake it peel it boil it or leave it.Am VERY careful with food and water always
carry back up Cipro and imodium to stop TD in its tracks if I get it. "Comida Tipica"(Typical food) is always best follow locals in the know they will show you the way.I avoid buffets in warm climates they are the riskiest for getting sick.They put chicken feet in the soup not sterile I avoid lukewarm soups also.If in doubt fresh totilla rice beans fish if fresh well cooked plantains my favs.

Goood luck!
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