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zinman Aug 17th, 2004 11:12 PM

Food and water in Ecuador
My wife and I are flying to Quito next week for a few days, followed by a Galapagos cruise. The posts here have been very helpful, but I haven't seen much reference to concerns about the local food and water there. One travel advisor told us to use only bottled water or canned beverages and avoid ice in drinks, and not to eat uncooked veggies and salads, cold meat and fish, and thin-skinned fruit. Anything well-cooked, pasteurized, or baked is OK, as is fruit we peel ourselves. Would appreciate comments on this advice. (We're staying in first-class hotels and cruising on the Eclipse.)

Italiano Aug 18th, 2004 01:52 AM

My Girlfriend is from Ecuador and her Sister is visiting from there right now they said. In Quinto you will have no problems its the capitol city with water filteration system .Outside of the city stay with your bottled water ect. Don't be scared of the fruits the Mangos are out of this world and the papayas too. There main meals are base around grilled fish and Soups try the cheese soup (sopa de Queso) and sopa de bola the shrimp Crevice is excellent. Also everyone makes there own variation of a hot sauce it will be a creamy looking green sauce made with onions green onions hot peppers and cilantro its great but do sample a little first. ecuador is the best place for Bananas and herats of Palm . also try the beeer and the apple flavored soda they are great .They have good hard crust bread . enjoy your trip ciao!

JohnK Aug 18th, 2004 04:04 AM

Hi zinman,
I lived in Ecuador for 2 years (1 in Quito) and can tell you that the water in Quito is NOT safe to drink. You must only drink bottled water no matter where you are, even in a luxury hotel and no ice in your drinks. As far as food is concerned you should eat only food that is cooked and served hot. Salads are a definite risk. Fruit that has been peeled is just fine and they have great fruit in Ecuador so enjoy it. Ecuador is a wonderful country but it is very, very easy to get food poisoned or intestinal parasites there so be careful and don't buy any anecdotal evidence of "I was in Ecuador and I ate everything and never got sick etc." If you follow the simple rules of drinking bottled water and not eating anything that isn't either cooked or peeled you will tremendously reduce your risk of getting sick. It is not at all hard to eat carefully and have great food experiences in Ecuador so go and have a great time.

peg Aug 18th, 2004 01:36 PM

Just my 2 cents on the bottled water. I agree just drink bottled water, but if you buy it in the store make sure you buy the "no gas" unless you like carbonated water. I didn't pay attention when I grabbed one for the first time and it had "gas"

Percy: I know you are going to read this, and I didn't have time to e-mail you today. I have 30 photos up on my website for just the galapagos, be patient though they will take a bit to download. I am not sure when I will get the others up, I will e-mail you tomorrow and tell you why, out of town.

zinman Aug 18th, 2004 07:35 PM

Thanks for the replies. I guess we'll follow our travel advisor's caveats. However, I find it a little sad that sanitation hasn't improved that much in 35 years, when we traveled in Mexico using virtually the same guidelines.

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