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Jim Stephens Mar 24th, 2002 11:41 AM

Fodors faux pas
I used the Fodors Chile guide to book 5 days at Cascades de las Animas so called resort outside of Santiago. I also used the Cascades website. What I read is not what I got.The claims about discounts for longer stays and lower rates for river rafting and horseback riding were false. The cabins were dirty including the bathroom which I could hardly get hot water. There was nothing to do at night. I should have known better when they said only cash is accepted. Do not go

Barb Mar 24th, 2002 06:09 PM

Yup, been there, done that, left early. We also were the "victims" of very outdated info. on a great sounding hotel in Costa Rica - Hotel Tilawa, which turned into one big disappointment. I did email the editors when I got home and they thanked me and are going to check it out. Also, as someone else has done on our trip, make sure you do a "rant" (under rants and raves) for your hotel so others can get the benefit of your bad experience. If anything, it has taught me to do more research with other reputable sources/guides.

Tomas Jan 7th, 2003 09:18 AM

I was interested and surprised by your post Jim. I recently stayed at Cascada de las Animas and the description of your experience is so completely different from my own, it causes me to doubt it's accuracy...or at best to wonder if you in fact read the information on their website.<BR><BR>I just returned from a two week trip to Chile with my family in Dec 2002. We visited the lake district, Patagonia, Atacama, and many locations inbetween. Since we flew in and out of Santiago but didn't want to spend time in the city, (the prevailing advice was to avoid it) we looked for alternatives near the city to spend our time. <BR><BR>As such we decided to book a cabin near Santiago at Cascada de las Animas. We found the place through Fodors, then researched them a bit through websites and other guidebooks, all which gave them high ratings.<BR><BR>When we arrived we found the people and service there great, the setting incredibly beautiful, the tours well run and everything as promised (as cabin guests some of the tours were discounted as stated on their website). We particularly enjoyed the horseback riding and rafting, and the hiking available in their nature sanctuary. The food at their restaurant was reasonably priced and well prepared. There were no surprises here except for the pleasant kind.<BR><BR>We rented a log cabin at a very reasonable rate ($40,000 pesos a night<BR>as shown on their website It was clean, cozy and comfortable and exactly as described and pictured.<BR><BR>Our original plan was to spend a night here before heading elsewhere, but had such a great time we cut our travels in Patagonia short due to bad weather and returned for four more days to Cascada de las Animas before flying<BR>back home out of Santiago. We ended up having a better time here than any of the other destinations we visited...a big surprise since we had heard so much about the other places. <BR><BR>It wasn't a five star Club Med type resort (maybe that's what you were looking for Jim?) but for a $50 a night cabin in Chile, I didn't expect it to be. It was low key, eco oriented, well run, and as clean and honest of a place as any I have found in South America.<BR>I highly recommend Cascada de las of the best of many places I have stayed around the world.

DJ Jan 7th, 2003 03:25 PM

FOR THOMAS, You mention that you visited the Atacama Desert region on your trip. Were you in the vicinity of the Explora Hotel and surrounding areas. Any info on this Resort, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks.

M & J Jan 7th, 2003 04:31 PM

We thoroughly enjoyed Cascada de las Animas. These are wood cabins, not hotel rooms. Our little one-bedroom cabin had a very small living room, small bedroom and small bathroom.The room was heated with a wood stove and the wood was provided. Thus, dust from the burning wood was evident and expected. This is not a &quot;resort&quot; in the sense of Explora in Patagonia or Santiago Sheraton. There is no room service or mini-bar. But a pleasant totally relaxing experience in the foothills of the mountains. Nothing to do at night? One night a dance with live band was in the small restaurant. But for us, being away from the city, away from all external lights-the sky was bursting with stars. We have never seen such heavenly beauty. We spend hours just looking into that wonderful night sky.<BR>We did receive a discount on the horseback ride. The food was enjoyable and the owners were very considerate.

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