First vacation , maybe last......

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First vacation , maybe last......

Author: Joy ([email protected])
Date: 5/11/2001, 4:18 pm ET

Message: Wow! I am loving reading all of the posts describing beautiful places to vacation. I think you are all so very fortunate to have the ability to travel to all of the places you have described and I love living vicariously thru you!
I have never had a vacation out of my home state of Washington. All of my vacations have been 3 to 4 day weekends and usually camping. Not because I dislike resorts but couldn't afford anything else. Things have turned around for me though and I am finally able to get on an airplane with my kids, all adults but one now, and fly away to someplace wonderful for two whole weeks! I have been perusing the travel websites to get an idea of where and where not to go. You have all been very helpful. Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly!

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Carl Z
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While I concur about Mexico as a travel destination I'd be remiss unless I pointed out that it's a huge place.
2 huge mountain ranges, scrub jungle and dense rainforests, alpine forests, seemingly endless beaches on 3 coasts, the great deserts of the Northeast, teeming cities of millions and millions of people, beautiful colonial towns and countless quaint and welcoming villages.
Not to mention the Baja penisula!
My advice is to buy a good travel book and read it carefully cover to cover.
Then ask yourself what the needs of the group are(also ask the members of the group!)
Before you drop a bundle on a hermetically-sealed vacation palace far away from real Mexican life think about the camping holidays you've had in WA.(I live in BC so we have something in common)
What was it about those experiences that you enjoyed the most?
There's so much natural beauty in WA state.
Probably doing dishes(!)
Hiving off to a noisy crowded overpriced clone of Miami Beach might not appeal to you after you empower yourself some.
This is a site about one of my favourite Mexican places
but there are so many more.
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I suggest looking into an Apple Vacation maybe to Mexico. They are relatively inexpensive and all-inclusive...meaning they include airfare, transfers to hotel, hotel rooms, all meals and drinks, etc. It is nice to do it this way if you are on a budjet since you pay for almost everything before you ever leave. I think Apple Vacations have departures from Seattle.
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Jose Jimenez
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With all due respect the idea of an all-inclusive vacation is foolish.
There's so much to see, do and experience in Mexico, why take a 'canned experience' when you can have a real thing?
(Reminds me a little of the 'virtual sex 'idea of a few years ago nobody talks about that any more do they)
It's better value to book yourself and make up your own mind as yo go.
Being an adult does have it's advantages!
My advice is to find a nice Beach location , rent a villa or condo and do it yourself.
It's all waiting for you all you have to do is reach and and grab it-forget about letting someone else decide what you should have for brekkie.
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Being this your first vacation, don't go into a third world country without getting your fett wet first with the United States. I suggest you try either Palm Springs, Club Med in Florida, or even here in San Diego. Your taste of vacation travel should be a comfortable, secure and recognizable atmosphere. All of these destinations are unique and offer great family values. Let me know if you need more advice.
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Jose Jimenez
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There are enough travel agents in this thread to start a convention!
Some people have no shame, none.
It seems like their world revolves around money, money and when in doubt try to hustle up a few bucks.
How they can sleep at night is beyond me!
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David Cook
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Com'on, they're just doin' their job!! These people could use a good agent!!
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Check out Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have been there once before and I am going there again next month. It is a wonderful place to go and relax for a but. The sun, surf, and food are all excellent!
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*bit, not but P
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fred house
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Hi Joy-I live in Mexico and love it. I would recommend the Pacific coast, perhaps Banderas Bay. Puerto vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are both lovely in the winter. If you plan to travel in the summer I suggest the mountain cities, San Miguel de Allende, Guanjuato, Queretaro, Taxco. enjoy wherever you choose.
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Although you have posted on the Latin America site, if you can afford the air fare, I would recommend New Zealand. Their dollar is at only $0.65/Cdn right now so it must be really low against the US $. I have travelled a lot of Mexico, Central America and South America and enjoyed it at first but have grown tired of it now. But that is just MHO.

Good luck and have a wonderful vacation.

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WOW! I had to double check to verify if I had written your message. I too live in Washington, have only taken 3-4 day camp trips and just had my first "vacation-for-me" in Feb-Mar of 2000! We went to Cancun, stayed at the Royal Sands Resort two weeks after it opened, stayed away from the city night life and signed up for four all-day bus tours to see the ruins and snorkel. Every second of our trip was heaven! Even the flights. By letting the tour guides drive we had no worries with traveling to see the countryside, we learned a lot of history from the tour guides, and loved the snorkeling with rays and fish. I hope to go back soon.
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I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (you can read the post I just put up). I would suggest going somewhere in the US for your first big trip rather than another country. I cannot believe that nobody has suggest HAWAII!!! Maybe because you posted in teh Latin America forum... I would go to a few different islands seeing as you have two weeks! Maybe Oahu, then Maui, then the Big Island. I like Hawaii much better than Mexico. Maybe find a good travel agent that you trust and ask them questions.
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Rebecca doesn't know what she's talking about. I also just recently vacationed in Mexico, and have also been to Hawaii. Hawaii was nice....and pretty...
but I suggest, if you go on a vacation- you should go to a different country, and learn and experience a different culture- it really turns you into a more well-rounded, less ignorant person. I say enjoy the same prettiness that Hawaii holds, but do it in a different country, like Mexico for example, so you can learn and benefit from a culture besides your own. Plus it's beautiful, friendly, and all round wonderful.
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Ok, so that everyone knows Jeremy is my younger brother. We just got back from PV a few days ago. Is Hawaii the same culture as our own? I am not Hawaiian. They have such an amazing culture over there, so different than the other states. I agree you should go to another country, but I wouldn't go on my first big vacation. If you go to Mexico you are probably in the same area for the two weeks. With Hawaii, there are so many different things to do and see. Of course Mexico is like this too, but with Hawaii every island is different.
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As much as Mexico can be a beautiful and amazing place - I certainly wouldn't recommend it for someone who hasn't traveled much before. The fact is - and don't let anyone tell you any different - the government is incredibly currupt and this includes most police you may run into during your travels. You are probably also very aware that it is VERY easy to get sick when in Mexico. I was with my entire family on a trip to Puerta Vallerta and almost EVERYONE got sick - and we're talking about a group of very well traveled people who stayed at a high-end resort and were being careful about what they ate in drink. Another well traveled friend of mine got sick on her HONEYMOON! I might recommend the Caribbean or Hawaii instead. Personally - I'd take the Caribbean over Hawaii any day of the week, but it's definitely a beautiful place. The Caribbean is a little more exotic, and the culture is a little more distinct on some of the islands. I'm a big fan of Jamaica but I understand they are having some political drama down there right now so perhaps this isn't the best time to plan a trip! There are many other islands that are absolutely breathtaking however - and there are TONS of package deals that can save you money if you do your homework. Good luck!
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Boy, do I agree with Leigh! Here within 24 hours I will be writing of our experinces in Akumal, Mexico...Look under the title Akumal "secured" villas soon!
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forget about your continent, come to mine, EUROPE HAS EVERYTHING YOU ARE WILLING TO SEE AND DO. We have beach resorts, ski destinations, theme parks for the youngsters, historic locations, modern facilities, good food, excellent transportations and itīs different.
Take a leap forward, and come to europe

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