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florclover Jul 11th, 2018 03:21 PM

Experience with Interjet or Avianca airlines?
I’m trying to avoid the midnight flight on Delta out of LAX because we’ve done it twice, and it was bad.

volcanogirl Jul 11th, 2018 03:49 PM

Haven't used either sorry; we use United.

baldone Jul 11th, 2018 08:51 PM

Interjet is excellent. Their boarding protocol is somewhat odd, however.

florclover Jul 12th, 2018 12:39 PM

Good to hear. They have some good prices.

Stewbear Jul 12th, 2018 01:07 PM

I regularity use Interjet OAK to Leon (BJX) finding them efficient and friendly, Very inexpensive but very basic service. One thing I do like is for $7 US if they do not sell out you have a empty seat next to you. Keep in mind they charge for everything even bottled water. I have heard horror stories of canceled flights but it has never happened to me. In addition although we booked individually they went out of their way to book us a row with a empty seat between us. .

RAC Jul 12th, 2018 01:36 PM

We used Interjet once and they were fine (CUN -JFK).

We use Avianca very frequently for our trips to Central America--it's almost always them or Copa unless there's a direct flight from JFK. Better to connect in San Salvador than in Houston, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, or Charlotte. They're also perfectly fine.

florclover Jul 12th, 2018 01:58 PM

Could you tell me about the layover in San Salvador? I’ve never been there. Feels safe and all that? We are traveling with kids. We’ve always done the direct flight, but it’s so much cheaper with a layover in San Salvador.

Also, anyone use Volaris?

florclover Jul 12th, 2018 02:39 PM

And why is Volaris’ nonstop flight two hours longer than Delta’s?!

RAC Jul 12th, 2018 02:51 PM

Layover is incredibly easy, safety is absolute. There's no customs or immigrations to go through--you just walk to your connecting gate. Not a terribly big airport.

Though, for flights back to the United States, there's a separate round of TSA-style security theater--in order to get to the gates for US-bound flights, you need to stand in a security line, let them search your bags, take off your shoes, etc.

That being said, there's no substitute for a direct flight.

Assuming the Volaris and Delta flights are for the same two cities, two explanations would be that (1) there's a time zone difference that isn't being accounted for by one of the airlines; or (2) one airline is gaming the "on time" statistics by inflating the actual travel time.

florclover Jul 12th, 2018 06:06 PM

Thank you! I can’t figure it out. Delta and Volaris flights leave around the same tome, but Volaris arrives two hours later. The Volaris nonstop flights arrive at the same time as their flights with 1 hour layovers.

hopefulist Jul 14th, 2018 03:36 AM

We've used Avianca for flights within Guatemala and between Guatemala and Roatán in both directions, no problems other than the Flores to GUA flights being delayed a few times and occasionally overbooked - I recommend booking with a reliable agency, confirming the day before, and arriving at the airport as early as they suggest for that particular route. Our San Salvador layovers for the Roatán routes were 45-50 minutes, no issues.

florclover Jul 14th, 2018 08:04 PM

Thanks! We are booked with Avianca.

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