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kanne Dec 13th, 2018 09:21 AM

Ease of getting a taxi between Lost Iguana & Tabacon
My family will be staying at Lost Iguana and visiting Tabacon on a day pass. We have a car, but I've been advised against driving at night in Costa Rica. If we plan to stay at Tabacon past dusk will it be easy for us to get a cab to get back to Lost Iguana?

november_moon Dec 13th, 2018 09:48 AM

Getting a taxi will be fine. Taxi drivers in the area are used to people traveling there without rental cars, so they are ready and available to ferry people around. Just asked the people at the reception desk to call one for you. Since Lost Iguana is a bit remote, make sure to have them call a taxi early - or reserve one for you for a particular pick up time - otherwise you may have to wait a bit for the taxi to arrive.

That said, driving between these 2 locations at night is not a problem if you choose to drive yourselves. The recommendations against driving at night are mostly just against driving longer distances between towns and in unfamiliar places. Roads in CR aren't necessarily the best and signage is limited, so it's easy to get lost or on a bad road in the dark. Driving locally isn't an issue - and the route from Tabacon to Lost Iguana is really easy - there is only 1 turn - off the highway onto the road where Lost Iguana is located. The only real danger on this drive at night is nocturnal animals crossing roads, so just take it slow and watch for animals.

volcanogirl Dec 13th, 2018 10:19 AM

We've stayed at the Lost Iguana a few times. I wouldn't have a problem driving between there and Tabacon at night. It's a pretty straight shot. There's really just one main road that runs through town and all the way out near the lake where the Lost Iguana is. You can use a taxi if you want, but it would be kind of expensive - probably $25-30 bucks one way; check with the front desk for a more accurate rate. They called taxis for us many times when we were there and had drivers they recommended. One gave us his phone number so we just called him when we needed a pickup. They also let us use the employee shuttle a few times, not sure if they still do that. Then you'd have to operate on their schedule though.

kanne Dec 13th, 2018 05:36 PM

Thanks for the replies! I think we will be comfortable driving.

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