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barb Mar 10th, 1999 06:01 PM

Does Cancun equal Waikiki, and Playa equal Lahaina??
Never been to Mexico, but I did love Lahaina on Maui. Is Playa del Carmen similar? And, is Cancun as crowded and awful as Waikiki is??

dan Mar 11th, 1999 06:42 AM

I have been to Cancun, Playa (but didn't stay overnight), Waikiki, and Lahaina (just for a few hours). The Mexico trip was last year, and Hawaii was 13 years ago. Cancun is worse than anywhere in Hawaii, in my opinion. I didn't find the beaches particularly crowded, however, anywhere in Mexico (I was there in the slightly off-season time of early June). The worst was at night since it was High School Grad Week - just picture young drunks running all over the malls, buses, streets, restaurants. Anyway, you can avoid most of this by going to Playa or by staying in downtown Cancun. I guess Playa is kind of like Lahaina in that it is more relaxed and smaller. In Playa, there is a long stretch of beach, and it is easy to get away from crowds. You can get away in Cancun by going to the beaches on the southern end of the island. If you really want to get away from the crowds, stay at Playa and take some day trips over to Cozumel, where you can drive to the southern end of the island and find a beach all your own (with very little shade though). The beaches south of Playa (Tulum, Akumal, etc.) are supposed to be even less crowded.

Colleen Apr 5th, 1999 04:55 PM

Barb-We did Waikiki and Maui in spring of 98, Cancun in June, and Playa this March. The evenings and resturants in Lahaina are hard to beat. Playa takes a little more exploring. The beaches are great in both places but I prefer the Carribean water. For us it is a 9 hr flight to Hawaii and a 3.5 hr. to Mexico plus it is cheaper. We did Cancun in June-the crowds were low and the cost very reasonable for a great hotel (Fiesta Condessa). In Playa we stayed at the Continental Playacar and were not totally satisfied. I would stick to Maui and Playa del Carmen for a more relaxing vacation.

fran Apr 10th, 1999 12:38 PM

<BR>In general, Hawaii is superior to MX in every way. Cancun is more crowded, even in summer (off season) than Waikiki. Since Cancun is cheap, there are alot of very young people just getting drunk, where Waikiki attracts a more mature (not meaning age) traveler. I've been to several places in MX and a few of the Hawaiian Islands and would never chose MX over Hawaii, except for MX is closer and much cheaper. My favorite however, is the Caribbean for the sun, beaches and beauty. <BR>

Karen Apr 11th, 1999 01:31 PM

I've been to Waikiki, Lahaina, and Isla Mujeres (a little island across from Cancun). I think that Waikiki and Cancun are pretty much the same. They are both overcommercialized and crowded. Lahaina and Isla Mujeres are both more relaxing and you get a taste a the culture. The difference between Mexico and Hawaii in the summer is the temperature. Mexico is very hot (high 90's) and Hawaii is milder (mid 80's). If you go to Isla Mujeres, I recommend the Puerto Isla Mujeres Hotel. It is a bit more expensive, but it is very nice and the staff is very friendly. Visit there web site at

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