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Adrian Stockman Jul 19th, 1998 05:21 PM

Daughter to volunteer in Caracas, Venezuela--Need info PLEASE
<BR>Daughter offered position with small stipend and apt. to coordinate volunteer services thru Catholic organization. She's blond, 28, very attractive and I'm worried after reading other responses. I would deeply appreciate any advice or suggestions. She would be there for a year. She speaks Spanish fairly well. THANKS!

Harold Jul 19th, 1998 07:40 PM

If she has a choice, I would recommend that she NOT go there. I lived in Caracas and other areas of Venezuela. Pay attention to the other postings.

RobertQuirk Jul 24th, 1998 10:25 AM

I didn't care for Caracas much although I was not bothered in any way. However, I think your daughter will definitely have to handle very forceful and unwanted attention. In a place full of latin looks a blonde lithe lady is going to turn mens heads and other parts EVEN if she dresses conservatively. I would not rate her chances on the Caracas metro.

Aaron Arnold Aug 8th, 1998 07:16 PM

Caracas is not the safest city in the world. It's also not the worse place that I have been. If you are careful and play it safe, you will be alright. Many of our big cities in the USA aren't that safe, either, though. I am a missionary in Santiago, Chile. If God wants your daughter there, He will protect her.

Dawn Sep 4th, 1998 01:14 PM

I visited Caracas, Venezuala with my one of my good friends about a year ago. I would not recommend that your daughter go. Venezuala has the highest crime rate in the world. Pick pockets galore. A female should never go out alone. One fact that scared the heck out of me (told by a tour guide)was that the Gov't has no idea of the population size. There are millions of shanty towns along the outskirts of mail is delivered and no police will venture is that dangerous. I am 32 yrs old, living right outside of NYC..not much scares me...Venezuala did. Parts of it are very beautiful but in my opinion the unnerving feeling I had the entire time i was there puts it to shame.

Vinny Sep 5th, 1998 05:18 AM

I would definitely heed the above warnings. I lived in Caracas and it is indeed very dangerous. One thing to consider is that Venezuela is going through some very rough times now and is extemely volatile. A very serious economic crisis is brewing which will bring more violence and crime. There is a big difference between danger in the US and Venezuela. There are many US cities with dangerous areas. However we know where they are and can avoid them. This is not so easy in Venezuela, especially in Caracas.

mark chan Apr 14th, 1999 03:28 PM

I just got back from living in Caracas and working with the church there for seven months. I had a wonderful time. Yes, people will tell you it is dangerous but don't let that freak you out. I am a 24 year old single male and had no problems. I was also working with single women like your daughter and they didn't have any problems either. When I say problems I mean that nothing tragic happened. I was robbed once. Pickpockets can be a problem but you just have to be smart and careful. Overall, the city is great and so are the people. go for it.

Mónica Aug 11th, 1999 09:38 AM

I was born and still live in Caracas since 1971....I´ve never have problems in my country, Caracas is like the other big cities in the world, you have to take care of everything, but the people are very friendly....the city is beautiful and the people tooo....we always win the miss universe or miss mundo....come to Veenzuela!

Anna Aug 12th, 1999 03:43 PM

Hi, this isn't actually a reply, I was wondering how to ask questions on this, rather then answer them? Sorry to hijack your question. <BR>Anna

April Aug 14th, 1999 12:29 AM

Anna, <BR>If I understand your question correctly, just click on the line that says "post a new message" in the top left part of the screen below the Fodor's globe and the (in this case) Latin America heading. <BR>

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