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sanforensen Feb 5th, 2003 09:12 AM

Costa Rica travel agents -- need advice!
Hi,<BR><BR>I am planning a trip to Costa Rica for myself, husband and 2 kids. Because we'll be going at a busy time (Easter break) and because we're traveling with kids, we are planning our trip through a travel agency -- Miki Travel in San Jose. They expect us to pay via wire transfer, and I am wondering if that is a usual practice, and/or if anyone has had experience with this agency.<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance.

Travel4Fun Feb 5th, 2003 10:23 PM

I just finished planning my trip to Costa Rica and I had to use a travel agent for some of my hotel and transportation reservations in the Arenal/Monteverde area.<BR><BR>I didn't have to pay upfront. Dominique from Desafio Tours in Monteverde ([email protected]) took my credit card information (Visa) and made several reservations for me. <BR><BR>She said that my credit card won't be charged and it was used only to make the reservations. I can pay cash when I get to the hotel, the bus terminal, or the tour office. Or I can pay with my credit card (Visa only in most places, so you can leave your American Express at home :-(<BR><BR>For the reservations I made myself, I called the hotels directly using a pre-paid phone card. It cost me about 20 cents a minute and I used about US$8 total to make 5 calls. I do speak Spanish, so this made it easier!<BR><BR>I live in Los Angeles and I'm a member of the Auto Club (AAA). I made an appointment with their travel agent and AAA has relationships with established tour companies in Costa Rica. You tell them what you want to do, AAA calls Costa Rica, and they give you a price. You pay with your credit card for safety.<BR><BR>I guess I'm saying that I would never wire money to anyone because you have no recourse if they run with it. I rather pay a 4% surcharge to use my credit card in Costa Rica to pay in advance for services that will be rendered later.<BR><BR>Just my opinion!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

Mel_Becker Feb 6th, 2003 01:36 AM

Same as above, we made our hotels &amp; transfers arrangements tru the website of monteverde ( and they asked for credit card guaranty in case of no show but no payments upfront.<BR><BR>All was done via fax &amp; email wich I liked because it makes it easier in case of a charge back to have printed documents.

MikeR Feb 6th, 2003 01:47 AM

I have used GaiaLink Tours several times and sent the deposit and payments via check to their NY office. It was painless and their service was great and on the US mainland! you can contact them at

sanforensen Feb 7th, 2003 06:04 AM

Thanks all! I appreciate your responses.

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