costa rica or cuba

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Crime, who would dare?
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Yes, I know what it is like to leave family, friends, your home, your life... I am from El Salvador.

I did not find poverty of spirit in cuba, and I did not spend my time in Miramar while in Cuba.

Like I said, I have met different kinds of people, both happy/content and unhappy.

Thanks for your comments... over and out.
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So you know!! You left, but it was your choice. You didn't sneak away, did you? You were FREE TO LEAVE.

This is a free board, so bye bye Lupe,
I'm still here.
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actually, no, i was not FREE to leave... it was very difficult... so much for assumptions, huh? like i said, think before you speak. everyone's life histories are different... enough politics, this is about travel, isn't it? enjoy your weekend.
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Still Thursday. Got one more work day before the weekend. But I'll hold on to your good wishes till after tomorrow.

This board is about travel. I don't like political issues more than you do. So as a tourist, my vote goes to CR, 100%.

Thumbs down for Cuba, 100%.
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What's all this bickering about? This is carol's decission. It seems she's set on going, so let her be.
Lupe you're entitled to your own opinions, but so is NoCuba
Live and let live
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It appears to me that Lupe's view is less ethnocentric than NoCuba's, which is a pretty right wing American view. Funny how money gets you everywhere in the US and you criticise Cuba for rich officials?

NoCuba is just like the NoTurkey people I encounter on another forum. I see these guys all the time on the travel forums. They anonymously spew their political opinions without an open mind. I have been flamed worse than this. It did not affect my decision, which was based on open minded research and listening to people who appear to have a balanced world view.

Lupe, El Salvadorean food rocks!
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To Carol:

Not all those that hold negative views about Cuba are US citizens.

I live in Venezuela and we are currently experiencing a very strong cuban influence in the politics of our country. As I write, there is a confrontation on the streets. The left wing gvmt. radicals have taken to the streets. The police have been attacked with war guns and there are many injured. The press has also been attacked. For over a year, the UN has repeatedly issued safety requests for freedom of press These have been continously violated. The press cars and reporters have been attacked, burned, stoned, and robbed by the left wing gvmt. followers.

I haven't been to Cuba, I am no extreme right wing follower, but I can relate to NoCuba's point of view.

In Venezuela, we don't want a cuban type regime. Most of us believe in democracy and freedom of speach, currently in jeopardy.

Russia failed, the wall fell, so lets get past these left wing politics and revolutionary views and violence, that only damage country's economys, and discourage the tourist industry.
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Choosing between CR and Cuba is like, say, a holiday in San Diego and one in NYC (if NY had tropical, empty beaches). I've been to Cuba several times, and I am no supporter of Castro, yes, there is poverty, yes, there is desparation, but, woaw, I can swear you'll never forget your visit, and you'll be hit by the bug want to come back. I still have to meet one independent traveller to these shores (I am not talking about package tourists, who go for one week in Varadero, but could have gone to Punta Cana, or Guadeloupe, or Mombasa) who didn't like it. Havana is one of the most striking and romantic cities I've ever seen, the music is first class, the atmosphere unique. Santiago de Cuba is a colonial gem. I don't know CR, but I've been to Panama, including Bocas del Toro, which is on the border with CR, in December, and it was a steamy place devoid of any interest except for the famous "eco-tourism". I've been told CR is very sanitised and geared to first world eco-tourists with loads of bucks to spend to sweat on jungle paths, but on the other hand things are supposed to be very well organised. Personnally, I wouldn't hesitate for one second and would rush to my travel agent destination Havana. That said, if you don't know a word of Spanish, you are likely to have quite a hard time in Cuba, and most importantly, to miss a lot of the island's charms. I think that in CR English is more wide spread.
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