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kywood1955 Sep 8th, 2004 07:16 AM

Coffee tours in Costa Rica
Which tour did you go on? What did you think? Is the coffee less expensive at the coffee farm? Thanks in advance.

Kwoo Sep 8th, 2004 09:03 AM

We just returned from CR in Aug but didn't go on a coffee tour because we didn't have the time. However, when I was planning the trip, fodorites recommended the Doka Coffee Plantation tour instead of the Britt Plantation. I think they thought you got more for your money. I believe the tour is about 2 hours long. HOpe this helps. Hopefully, someone will respond who actually went on the tour.

Percy Sep 8th, 2004 12:52 PM

I went to the Cafe Britt tour and if you are going on a tour group (on a bus), then it is rather expensive.

About $56.00, too much !!

I went with a private tour guide and I paid between $25.00 to 30.00 pp at the gate.

They give you a Comedy Skit Performance to describe the History of Coffee in the world and in Costa Rica.

Then they show you how the coffee is processed.

Then of course you go to their large Sales Centre and you can buy any brand of coffee you want.

There are lots of chocolate coated coffee beans for sample to eat and you can eat to your hearts content.!!

But a word of caution!!! you ARE eating coffee beans, if you eat these like jelly beans then about 1 hour later you will be so hyper, you could fly.!!!

I have heard that Doka is a nice place also. I have not been there.


shillmac Sep 8th, 2004 02:32 PM

We thought Doka was excellent. Tour about 2 hours, I forget the price, but it wasn't anywhere near $56! Maybe about $15 each. They had a nice gift shop, and it would be great to take a tour when the coffee bean picking (November-December) is going on. Several recommended Doka to us rather than Cafe Britt, and we enjoyed it. Their brand is Tres Generaciones, and it is excellent. You can't buy it in the super mercados like you can Cafe Britt. It is a higher quality, and most is shipped out of the country.

Percy Sep 8th, 2004 05:55 PM

Yes, I have heard that Doka is a nice place and cheaper then Cafe Britt.

Maybe the higher price is to pay the "actors" for their performance.

If you do not buy coffee at Cafe Britt, it seemed to me that every third tourist shopping place at the San Jose Airport, is a Cafe Britt.

And Yes I ate lots of chocolate coffee beans at the airport(free) and No I did not sleep on the plane all the way home.!!!!
With all that caffeine in me I could have flown home without the plane !!!


shillmac Sep 8th, 2004 06:19 PM

I'm trying to picture that, Percy. :)

The two coffee brands I would recommend at the Super Mercado are Britt and Volio. They are both excellent (and we've become spoiled and don't use anything else!). The airport is twice as high. Tres Generaciones is good as well, but you have to go there to get it! EXCEPT, the family who owns Doka does have a few little coffee houses scattered around the central valley and it can be bought there also. I can't remember the name of them (we didn't stop), but others have posted about stopping at these places, and I am sure they are the same ones we saw. "La something or other". . . .:)

Britt and Doka coffees can also be purchased online.

Percy Sep 8th, 2004 06:57 PM

Thanks shillmac

And yes you do get spoiled by the coffee.
We brought some home and when it ran out ,we kept telling ourselves that the regular coffee we use here daily is not as good.

Oh I have adjusted


dncee11 Sep 8th, 2004 07:15 PM

Shillmac, the last time we were there we bought one of the common household coffee makers with the little bag for the ground coffe that you pour hot water into - I believe its called a "chorreador" - dripper - and the aroma can't be beat! Great stuff!

shillmac Sep 9th, 2004 04:07 AM

Ah, Dave, I bought one too, this past July. I haven't tried it out yet! Didn't want to get my "sock" dirty! :)

I stayed with a family near Flamingo once that used one, and I agree it's a great way to make coffee.

Jessie_ Sep 9th, 2004 06:51 AM

dncee, I bought one of those several years ago and use it all the time. Can't stand coffee out of a coffee pot anymore!

tica_traveler Sep 9th, 2004 06:59 AM

Don't worry about getting your sock dirty...They sell for 180 colones in any supermarket. (I bought ten or so.) Also, I bought "tipico" chorreadores in the grocery stores for less than a dollar, rather than the touristy Sarchí wood ones. Everybody in my family uses chorreadores now.

I also heard the Doka was best but didn't have time. We did the INBIoparque tour which included a coffee tour and SO MUCH MORE! It was a wonderful way to get a thumbnail sketch of all things tico. HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED!It is in Heredia.

Happy travels,

shillmac Sep 9th, 2004 01:20 PM

LOL. . .okay, it's time to break mine in! We'll have to check out INBIoparque next time. In Heredia province or Heredia city? We've spent quite a bit of time in both, but have missed it. I'll check it out online. Thanks, Julie!

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