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kda0000 Feb 20th, 2020 07:03 AM

Cell phone service / sim card -- Rancho Santana, Nicaragua
Good Morning,
I will be flying into Managua and staying a week at Rancho Santana in about a week. I have a phone that has the proper bands for Nicaragua, and is carrier unlocked, so I'd like to buy a local sim card that will allow me to have good coverage from Managua to Rancho Santana, and then definitely have good coverage at Rancho Santana. It seems that Claro is the most recommended carrier ( but I wanted to see if anyone has had experience with them while staying at Rancho Santana specifically.

My desired usage is internet, texting and calling.

1. Does anyone have any particular suggestions about the network to choose - is Claro the best for my particular uses?
2. Where's the best place going to be to buy a sim card - is there a stand right at the airport? Do they jack their prices way up?
3. If the airport isn't a good place to get them, is there somewhere nearby MGA to get them, or should I just wait until I'm at Rancho Santana?
4. Does anyone have a recommendation for which plan I ask for and what I should expect to pay?

I really appreciate any help! Thanks!

kda0000 Feb 23rd, 2020 04:50 PM


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