Cancun: Great beach/service, but not stuffy??


May 6th, 2000, 12:18 AM
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Cancun: Great beach/service, but not stuffy??

10-day trip to Cancun... ideally spending most days on a great, active beach with no rocks or globs of seaweed and some nice waves to play in, but not a life-threating undertow. For example, I preferred Kailua Beach in HI (nice and wavy) to Barbados (placid as a swimming pool).

BTW, is it possible to get beach service in Cancun? Or can you only get drinks poolside?

Good service is important. Somewhere to get massage would be very nice.

Since I've heard/read about the ample dining options in Cancun, especially downtown, the all-inclusives don't interest me.

Nights will be spent partying...LOVE to dance, drink and socialize, but with a crowd that is late twenties and older.

Thanks in advance for all info or suggestions.
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May 6th, 2000, 01:07 AM
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Ah,10 days..heaven!! You're going to have a ball. Which hotel do you have picked out? The beach service depends on the hotel itself. At the Fiesta Americana Cancun they are out there on the sand taking care of you about 10am.Alot of hotels are doing the massage thing
now also....right on the beach if you'd like.
We don't do AI many options out there, so many great restaurants so little
If you can't find something to do on Cancun..well it takes too much to make you happy. I know you see alot posts people complaining about the "Americanization" of Cancun, believe me when you get off that plane there is no mistaking you are in another country. It is a whole nother atittude. If you have any questons please feel free to emil me.
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May 10th, 2000, 04:03 PM
d motl
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If you want beach service in front of your hotel it is best to check prices before ordering. You might be very supprised at what they want. Public beach areas also have service at considerably cheaper prices. Just take the bus. Beaches are in two classes--the Carribean side which can be bblack flag a lot of the time. The other side is the bay facing Isla Mujeres which has shallow and calm beaches
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