Cancun airport to Playa - best way?

Old Jan 7th, 2000, 12:14 PM
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Cancun airport to Playa - best way?

My travel agent wants to charge us $55 per person (3 of us traveling) for a ride from the airport in Cancun to our hotel in Playa (Albatros Royale). That sounds like way too much!
Any suggestions? We do not want to rent a car.
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Public transportation in Mexico is very easy to negotiate. I would recommend it. It is very inexpensive and there are many buses running regularly. If you take a collectivo to the bus stop in downtown Cancun and I believe the buses run hourly to Playa. Have a great time.
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I've made the drive but with a free connection bus. No specific advice, but can tell you that 55.00 sounds like a true rip off considering the economy of the area. We found the taxis to be very reliable. The legitimate ones are easy to recognize. If I recall correctly I think they were all blue. Good luck.
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dan woodlief
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I would consider using the collectivo suggestion. Buses from the downtown bus station take only an hour to get to Playa. It will take you up to an hour more, but you should only spend maybe $15-20 per person this way.
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When I was last in Playa/Cancun on 11/15/99, there was direct bus service from cancun airport to Playa for 14USD per person. I reserved private car service to/from Cancun Airport/Playa through [email protected]. Email reservation was promptly replied and confirmed, and no advance deposit was required. Cost for two persons was fifty USD each way. We were met at the airport by a friendly driver with a new Suburban. One week later, he showed up at our hotel exactly when we asked him to. I highly recommend this service. If anyone takes the bus please post how it worked out.
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The $55 per person fee is definitely a ripoff. I just visited Playa del Carmen without prearranged transport - you basically have three options:

1. Bus from Cancun Airport to downtown Cancun, then bus to Playa. This is definitely the cheapest....maybe $6 to downtown, then only about $2 per person to Playa. The drawback of this method is the time it the time you get to downtown, you could almost be in Playa if going directly. Figure 2 to 3 hours (about 30 minites to downtown, a wait for the hourly bus, and a bit over an hour to Playa)

2. A cab from the airport terminal to Playa. As we walked through the terminal, we asked the cabbies, and the going price was about $45 or $50 - this is per cab, not per person. This is easy, and the trip to Playa is just under an hour. The cabs back from Playa are less expensive - I think we paid $25.

3. If you walk out of the terminal at Cancun airport, and out the airport gate....maybe a total of 200 can get a cab for a cheaper price .....we did this, and it cost $35 for the cab. I fyou bargain hard, or are willing to bargain with a few cabbies, maybe this could come down to $25 or $30.

Good luck

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