Canadian found dead in hotel, San Miguel del Allende

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Suze states my postings are "ridiculous and not helpful" and that I am "plastering and sensationalizing bad news". I disagree with her assessment. I am a specialist in safety and security concerning Latin America. I have noticed over several years that there is significant amounts of information that travelers are not aware of concerning safety, health, and security. I do post information when I have time and feel it is appropriate for a traveler to be made aware of an incident or information that may assist the traveler in trying to insure a safe trip.

I have never tried to discourage anyone from travelling. Any information I have posted is from open sources and not sensationalized. I just happen to see a lot because of my work not related to travel. So, I try to help others.

And just to inform Suze, not all my posts are about safety and security. I checked my postings and they have included places to eat in Buenos Aires, Lima cultural tours, free airfare in Argentina, new coins being distributed in Panama, and a very little known waterfall in Peru.

I think WILLTRAVEL made a good point by stating that this story about the Canadian citizen is an important safety lesson. Hopefully, someone who read this post will be more cautious about room heaters ect, no matter where you are at.

Now I need to get back to the crowded pub
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Well, at least you're not drinking alone.

I think you should reconsider these postings. They irritate those of us who come to this board to obtain and impart useful information. Your postings serve only to stimulate a hitherto unsuspected market for dead Canadian jokes.
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Have to agree with Fra. You could post warnings of this sort about any country but it seems that many of these reportings (mostly of the deaths of foreigners in some Central American country) only serve to exacerbate the prevalent misconceptions about personal safety in this area.

The fact is, tourists get hurt and die and get killed while on vacation. This is not news and it is not really useful to publicize it. It is sensationalism.

I don't know anything about you, crowbpub, or you so-called expertise in Latin American safety and security issues, but I live and travel here so that might make me more of an "expert" than you.

Basically, if people just use common sense and think about what they are doing, they will mostly be fine. If you wear expensive jewelry, put your laptop on a table in public and walk away from it, leave your stuff in a bag on the beach while you go swimming, are drunk and argumentative with locals, don't use the same precautions you would use at home (the heater, for example), swim in places where there are known rip tides, go for a hike in the National Park and decide to stray off the well-marked trail, go to a bar and pick up a girl and bring her back to your hotel room, try to buy illegal drugs and any of the jillion other things that you could do to put yourself at risk, you are asking for trouble no matter where you are in the world.

Yes, there is random violence in Latin America, just like anywhere. Should this put people off from visiting? Of course not! Of the two million tourists who come to Costa Rica each year, if 100 of them are the victims of theft or other crimes, is this a scary statistic? Don't be silly.
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As one who has traveled the width & breath of Mexico for up to 3 months a year for the last 25 years I suspect I am as much of an expert on safe travel as Senor Pub.
I travel often alone, with my wife & on occasion in a group. I take the bus, fly or walk throughout the country. In all that time I have never had anything stolen, been attacked, robbed, threaten nor felt in danger.
I in fact have always been treated with courtesy even getting invited into locals hones for meals & offered over night accommodations on several occasions.
I follow a few simple rules
1. I am polite to all.
2 I never flash money
3.I do not drink so I am never unaware of my surroundings nor hang in "pubs".
4. I do not go into areas that I do not belong
For instance every town/city in Mexico, The USA or for that matter any country has areas one should not go. In My adopted home of Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa there is an area rife with drugs, prostitution, gambling etc. I do not go there.
I also attempt to communicate with people in their language. I recently spent a week in Toluca a most lovely city where & heard not a word of English. While I am far from a proficient speaker in Spanish it forced me to stretch my mind something that is not always easy for a 68 plus YO. I got along fine.
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Stewbear, that is interesting about Toluca, because I tend to think of it as just a place with an inconvenient airport, knowing nothing else about it. Maybe you could start a trip report thread for that?
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Willtravel- If you click on my name it will take you to several reports I did on my last March/April travels in Toluca & elsewhere.
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