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Lor Nov 7th, 1997 08:57 PM

Can you recommend a place for dinner after a wedding in CANCUN?
I hope that someone might be able to recommend a nice place to have dinner after we get married in Cancun. We thought we would get married on the hotel grounds and take a limo out to dinner. Can someone recommend a place that isn't too glitzy but nice? We are still working on the wedding plans and accomodations, we are getting married Feb. 18. We would also accept recommendations on places to go out on the town afterwards! Thank you!

Bobbie Nov 9th, 1997 10:41 AM

For a beautiful, romantic restaurant in Cancun I recommend Bogart's at the Krystal Hotel. I am sure if you let them know it is your wedding dinner they would make it a special one. The ambience is the lovliest I have ever seen and the food is excellent.
Happy wedding day! Best wishes,

Don / Boston Nov 10th, 1997 06:39 AM

Hi: If you do decide to eat at Bogarts at the Krystal Hotel ( I have never eaten there but it is suppose to be nice) you Can after dinner walk next door to their night Club Christine's. It is our favorite Night Club in Cancun and is generally considered quite upscale by Cancun's standards. It is a disco with quite a light show. It caters to a mid 20's to mid 40's crowd and is dressy by Cancuns standards (but Cancuns standard are not very dressy). Email me if you need more info.

David Nov 16th, 1997 08:24 PM

I second for Bogarts. It has romantic atmospere and great food.

Kristin Nov 22nd, 1997 03:46 PM

Hi Lor! I think the most romantic place in Cancun to eat is Bogart's. Ask for the Alhambra room. The restaurant has several different rooms, decorated with lots of greenery, silk parachute material in the ceiling, white columns, white wicker wing-back chairs, a large fountain, etc. etc. We liked the Alhambra room the best 'cus of the fountain. Our food was just o.k. that night, but the atmosphere made up for it. We both dressed casually--I wore a sundress and my husband just wore Dockers and a casual shirt. La Dolce Vita is a nice Italian restaurant--noisier and not as intimate, but very nice (on the lagoon) and GREAT food. We did not eat at the Coral Reef (in the Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Hotel--near Bogart's) but it looked very romantic and intimate, and I had read in a Triple A travel book that it was rated highly. It is on the water. Still, if I was looking for the most romantic atmosphere, I'd go to the Alhambra room at Bogart's. Have a great wedding and vacation!!

Jose Nov 25th, 1997 09:33 AM

While the Bogart is both good and romantic, I have found it to be too expensive for what you get. A good alternate, and much more reasonable, would be Prima Pasta in the Convention center. It is done in cheery pastels and run by Paolo who also owns Locanda Paolo in the city. In the alternate, I would choose La Dolce Vita, also, beautifully appointed. If price is no object, one of the most romantic restaurants with waterfalls and all is the Blue Bayou in the Hotel Hyatt Carribe. About the same price as Bogarts, but the service is impeccable and the Food great. For a real Mexican fiesta, very low price but strictly informal, La Parilla in town is great. This one is good if money is a problem. However, my first choice would be the Prima Pasta. Contact Paolo himself for the best arrangements. He is a real accomodating guy who speaks perfect English.

susan Feb 20th, 1998 01:05 PM

Leave the touristy, hotel zone and try La Habichuela in Cancun City. Be adventurous. The hotel zone is too Americanized.

Rob Feb 22nd, 1998 06:17 AM

Try Moro's! The place has a great menu, great ambience and waiters that are very good! A lot of the food is cooked right at your table. I mean we had a Caeser salad made FROM SCRATCH right at our table with eggs, and all of the ingredients. Also hot, on fire, after dinner drinks are made right at your table as well. If you go there ask that Miguel be your waiter, 5*'s to him! He was awesome. Moro's is located near the Fiesta Americana Coral Beach. You won't be sorry you went there. Crabs and seafood are the fare of the restaurant.

Good Luck and best wishes!


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