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miriam Nov 22nd, 1999 01:45 PM

Blue Bay @ PV
We will be staying at the Blue Bay Resort in PV over X-Mas break. Has anyone been there? How are the water sports? Will our kids have fun? <BR> <BR>thank you!

DeLeta Nov 23rd, 1999 05:33 AM

Hi. I have never stayed at this resort but I do know the guy who runs the water sports there and he is very nice. I'm sure that as far as anything to do with the watersports area goes you will have fun. His name is Mario. Tell him DeLeta says hola! You will LOVE Puerto Vallarta. I have been there about 7 times now and in fact, just got back 3 weeks ago! <BR> <BR>Happy Thanksgiving. <BR> <BR>DeLeta Gurley

Nina Nov 23rd, 1999 07:31 AM

Miriam: There are now 2 Blue Bay Resorts in PV - Blue Bay Village or Blue Bay Club. Which one are you asking about? I have stayed at the Blue Bay Club.

miriam Nov 23rd, 1999 09:03 AM

We'll be staying at the Blue Bay Club.

kelly Apr 14th, 2000 02:47 PM

We stayed at the Blue Bay Club in PV in April of 99. It was quite a dissappiontment. Their really is no beach because it's all rocks and gravel. The rooms were OK. It's a really noisy place to stay. We got sick off the food there along with a lot of other people. I wouldn't stay there again.

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