Beware El Mirador Rest. in C.R.


Jan 12th, 2006, 12:29 PM
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Beware El Mirador Rest. in C.R.

Now anyone who has ever been to Costa Rica knows that Ticos are some of the
kindest and most helpful people you will encounter while traveling abroad.
That being said, Costa Rica, like any other tourist popular destination, is
not unbeknownst to crime. So when my mother and sister came to visit me here
for the holidays and 3 out of their 5 bags were stolen from our car while
eating lunch in a restaurant, it wasn't exactly the biggest shock in the

However, what happened next was…..we left our car parked, locked of course,
directly in front of 'El Mirador Restaurant' which is located near Atenas
and nearly at the peak of the mountainous stretch of road from San Jose to
Jaco (the same road when headed towards Quepos/Manuel Antonio). Not only did
an employee of the restaurant "claim" to recall men taking luggage out of
our car, but just didn't think anything of it. When we went to the desk to
ask for help, all we received was a cold shoulder and the resentful use of
their telephone. They constantly shot us looks as if asking, "are you done
yet" and never, at any point in time, were we asked if we needed any sort of
help. Their behavior became so suspicious, especially when the police
arrived, that it seemed as though someone from the restaurant might have
been involved in the disappearance of our luggage. It was by far the worst
treatment and experience I have ever had here in Costa Rica.

The biggest surprise was after sharing my story with a few friends,
co-workers, etc. back home in Quepos; I was told numerous times that this
was not the first time they'd heard this same problem had happened at the
same restaurant. So if and when in Costa Rica, I suggest skipping 'El
Mirador'…..a restaurant which advertises with signs about peace, love, and
the beauty of nature; as it is surely a trap!!

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