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Laura Jane Mar 6th, 1997 12:41 PM

Best Cozumel Restaurants
My brother and his wife are going to Cozumel in June and would like to check out the best restaurants. They are very open to unique and unusual. No bad service, please! My husband and I spent a week in Cozumel but at an all-inclusive restaurant hunting for us. The only recommendation I have received so far has been the Lobster House. Any ideas, suggestions, or comments? Thanks!

maria Mar 10th, 1997 01:00 PM

Two dining options in Cozumel are Arrecife and La Choza. A well-trained staff and impeccably prepared seafood and Mediterranean fare at Arrecife (Hotel Presidente Inter-Continental Cozumel, 987/20322) put this hotel restaurant in a class by itself. However, you have to have good timing to dine here, the restaurant is supposed to be open on a regular basis from November through Labor Day weekend, but it's a good idea to check first. La Choza (Calle Rosada Salas 198 at Av. 10a S, 987/20958)is a family-run establishment specializing in home-cooked Mexican food. A complimentary bowl of guacamole and chips are brought out with the menu. Start off your meal with soup and fresh tortillas. Dona Elisa Espinosa's specialties include chicken mole, red snapper in sweet mustard sauce, and grilled lobster. Hope this helps!

Donna Mar 14th, 1997 04:30 PM

There is a restaurant on the south coast just before Chankanab Park that we really enjoyed call Seashells. It was an open air, very casual restaurant right on the water. It was only open during the day. They had very good food and the atmosphere was relaxing. I worry that the Hurricane in 1995 may have damaged it. I hope it is still there.

Sally Apr 3rd, 1997 01:05 PM

Check out this web page for more Cozumel restaurant recommendations and reviews:

dee May 2nd, 1997 07:08 PM

Cozumel has to be my very most favorite place to go. We purchased a time share and will be going in November. Don't go to the places that are on the main street if you want to keep money in your pocket. La Choza is good but it isn't tops on my list. All of the bellmen in the hotels get "perks from the local restaurants for recommending restaurants, a couple of my favorites are El Capi Navigate - great crab, red snapper almost anywhere Veracruz style is spectacular and fresh. There are two restaurants, each are owned by a brother that used to have a restaurant together. One is El Moro, the other one I can't remember but someone would be able to tell. The other place that I really look forward to is El Ricon maya. It has been about two years since we were there because of work and hurricanes. Most of these are away from the coast and should still be intact. Ask questions of everyone. Divers breakfast specials can be had for around two to three dollars anywhere. Good Luck and have a pina colada for me.

Bob Crawford May 17th, 1997 04:28 PM

Your note mentioned you stayed at an "all inclusive" resort in Cozumel. Curious about where and if you
found the food to be good--any comments please and would you stay there again?
Bob Crawford

Leroy Blankenship Jun 26th, 1997 06:35 PM

La Choza downtown is good for authentic Mexican. The breakfast buffet at El Presidente Hotel's opensided restaurant is wonderful - both the food and the view.

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