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adnil1962 Jul 28th, 2008 02:55 PM

avrooster - Isabel out of town?
Hi again,

I just got a response from a Connie saying that Isabel is out of town but my request needs immediate attention since it is a busy time of year.

Should I work with Connie? or wait for Isabel's return?


avrooster Jul 28th, 2008 06:20 PM

I don't know who Connie is, but I got an e-mail from Isabel saying she had replied to you and she most certainly is NOT out of town.

Perhaps you should not have posted your e-mail address, you know, Linda. It makes this kind of thing quite easy.

Anyway, you'll have a great time in our country.

tully Jul 28th, 2008 06:42 PM

Wow, good for you that you checked avrooster, I hope the OP does not send any more info to this other person and that are able to get in touch with the real Isabel.

adnil1962 Jul 29th, 2008 06:02 AM

Interesting... I emailed "connie" again who says that Isabel will be back today.

I have not heard from Isabel yet, however the email from "Connie" came from an email address: Isabel | Buenos Aires Tours [[email protected]]

Dear Linda

Thank you for your contact Isabel is not in the city at the moment and your mail needs urgent attention.
Your dates are the most difficult ones. but we have a very new place where there is availability

Area : Palermo
Near shops and restaurants. safe nice and full of life.
Malabia St.
excellent boutique hotel 4*
u$s 170 / u$s 206 / u$s 218 / u$s 230 the night.
Taxes 21 % and breakfast included. rates valid in November


avrooster Jul 29th, 2008 06:54 AM

Well Linda, the address is correct, which must mean that Isabel has someone helping her I did not know about.

And maybe she WAS out of town, but maintaining e-mail contact, which made me think she was in town.

I'll check with her and let you know.

avrooster Jul 29th, 2008 10:56 AM

Well, Linda, I hate to admit it (LOL!!), but I was wrong.

Isabel WAS out of town and Connie is her daughter, which means it's OK for you to go ahead, responding to those e-mails you got.

Isabel's business is a one-woman operation. She has told me that she is so busy she may have to turn down new customers, particularly during our peak Nov./Dec. season.

Of course, she will hate to do such a thing, but she feels that if she takes on any more customers for that season, she would be unable to provide the personalized service which has earned her the reputation she has.

Which should tell you a lot about why I usually recommend her.

Have a great time in our country.

milla Jul 29th, 2008 11:13 AM

this is Isabel writing.
for Alberto and Linda
I will prepare your trip Linda as i have already promised my help to you.

avrooster Jul 29th, 2008 11:28 AM

Isabel's post is brief. She is obviously quite busy. LOL!!!

BTW, who can Alberto possibly be? LOL!!!

adnil1962 Jul 29th, 2008 12:47 PM

Thanks again avrooster!! Isabel and I have been emailing all afternoon. I can tell already how great she is!!

Now we just have to decide Bariloche or Mendoza.... They both sound wonderful!

We love wine but also want to hike, bike, canoe (or kayak or raft), take lots of photos and have great food....

We live in the White Mountains of New Hamshire and can do all of these activities except wine tasting - so we thought the wine tasting might be fun...

But Isabel has a personal preference for Bariloche...

So now we are undecided. Wish we had time to do both!! Maybe we will flip a coin to pick (or perhaps hotel availabilty will help us to decide).

Then we will have to come back again next year!!!

milla Jul 29th, 2008 02:00 PM

Dont follow Isabelīs option.
She is a Coke`s fan.

avrooster Jul 29th, 2008 02:23 PM

Well, apparently Isabel is not THAT busy. LOL!!!

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