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george_scott Dec 17th, 2003 05:43 AM

Does anyone know where the ATM's are within GRU? I will be flying in from the U.S. and would like to get Reals before flying on to Rio.


dede Dec 17th, 2003 01:43 PM

I just returned from my first trip to Rio and had the same plan as yours -- get some reals via ATM during the layover at GRU before arriving in Rio. It could not be done! Flying Continental, we were not allowed off the plane during the layover (I know United passengers do get off -- not sure about other carriers). On the return flight, we had to get off at GRU but were sort of "herded" through a security loop, straight back to the boarding gate. I did not see any ATMs in the area.

When we got to GIG I went in search of ATMs. There are quite a few upstairs (you will have gone downstairs to claim your luggage) in the area where most of the shops and banks are located. Neither mine nor my husband's card worked in any of them (our cards are on the typical Cirrus, Star, etc., network). Luckily, we brought some US dollars so we went into one of the banks and changed enough into reals to last us a couple of days until we could find a compatible ATM.

Not knowing where you are staying in Rio, this may or may not be convenient, but we successfully used an ATM inside "Bingo Aproador," a sort-of casino with lots of security and ATMs with English instuctions. It is located at Rua Francisco Otaviano, 35, about 1 block from the Sofitel hotel, where we stayed.

Good luck and enjoy Rio.

Dondiega Dec 17th, 2003 05:26 PM

Well, I always have luck at the ATM's
at the Banco Do Brasil branches on N.S De Copacabana. Other Banks and ATM's I never get cash from. There is a citibank branch on N.S. Copacabana in the blockbuster video store and in Ipanema there are plenty of banks.

If you fly Continental to Rio from Houston then yes you won't be able to get off the plane but if you fly from Newark then you will. In the airport in Rio there are many people walking around that will change money for you and if they give you a good rate then why not. If you don't trust them then why would you need Reals when you get to Rio? If you don't have a taxi waiting for you than just pay in Dollars , the fare to Copa is about $20. Bring lots of singles and tens fives and twenties, there shouldn't be a problem. But never change your money at a hotel, the best rate of xchnge is at the atm with a debit card.

mrwunrfl Dec 17th, 2003 07:35 PM

At GRU, there are ATMs immediately to the right as you come into the international arrival area. There is a Banco do Brasil or Citibank upstairs to the right. But, you ought to just wait until you get to GIG. I didn't use the ATM there (should have) but just converted some $ and hopped in a taxi with a fellow traveller. It think we paid R$40 to get me to the Sofitel and her to another place nearby.

In Rio I tried, unsuccessfully, to get cash from an ATM at the bingo place that dede mentioned.

fab Dec 17th, 2003 09:04 PM

I have an account at citibank (in NY) and always use my ATM card to get cash in SP, never had a problem! I don't know about Rio, but it should be the same. The problem is that most ATM have the text written in Portuguese...

cariocagirl Dec 18th, 2003 10:36 AM

Citibank gives the best rate if you have a visa atm card. There are only a select few branches you can use. The one I know of is in Ipanema near Vinicuis de Moreaes and Visconte pirija (sorry can't spell the street names for the life of it!)

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